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"Waterford is Ireland's oldest city dating back to Viking times and is, of course, the home of Waterford Crystal."kidtripster.com
"Waterford is one of the best cities to visit in Ireland if you're interested in Viking history."wanderlustcrew.com
"Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland, which makes it a must stop for me."kktravelsandeats.com
"Waterford is one of them."celticwanderlust.com
"Waterford is much more than its celebrated crystal."neverstoptraveling.com
"Waterford is without a doubt one of Ireland (see itineraries)'s lesser-known gems."xyuandbeyond.com

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Kilkenny Airport (KKY)

About Waterford

At Waterfordin the country Ireland (see itineraries) live over 53,504 people. Besides this town is in the center of Ireland. Waterford provides a lot of culture. Besides it is well known for the great nightlife. Waterford is located next to a river. At Waterford you can see a lot of points of interest like Waterford Crystal and Waterford Treasures Medieval Museum. The nearest big city of Waterford is Dublin (Dublin itineraries). It is known for historic architecture.

Things to do

But on our second trip to the Emerald Isle, Ireland’s tourist bureau took us around the “sunny southeast” and Waterford was on the

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The Vikings were a group of people who originated in what is now modern-day Denmark , Sweden, and Norway. They were seafarers who

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The most notable building in Waterford is Reginald’s Tower. Built in 1003, it is the oldest building in Ireland, and it was the fi

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Eat & drink

. at Waterford Castle. This award-winning restaurant has a warm atmosphere, local seasonal menu, and extensive wine list. It has

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Speaking of food, let me tell you about breakfast the next morning. How about a poached egg delicately perched atop a Waterford bl

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While here we had lunch at a spot called The Reg and dinner at La Boheme Restaurant and recommend them both. I really liked the vi

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The world-famous House of Waterford Crystal is only steps from the Viking Triangle and we’ll admit that it’s worth a visit if you’

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Less than a 2-hour drive from Dublin (plan Dublin itineraries), Waterford, Ireland is best known for its namesake crystal, but that’s not all the city has g


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Our easy one day Waterford itinerary

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As guests of the national tourist bureau, it was easy to see why they wanted us to stay at this hotel: Granville Hotel won the cov

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We stayed at the historic Granville Hotel, just steps from all these activities. For more about the hotel’s history, to see one of

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