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"Tel Aviv is an Israel (more about Israel)i city in the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea."everything-everywhere.com
"Tel Aviv is probably one of the better places in Israel."travelsofadam.com
"Tel Aviv is definitely a place to pig out for great food."dreameurotrip.com
"Tel Aviv is one of the coolest cities in the world to bike around."myadventuresacrosstheworld.com
"Tel Aviv is not just known for its vegan food but Israel (Israel in detail)i cuisine as a whole."taylorstracks.com
"Tel Aviv is considered particularly hedonistic and residents love a good meal, as well as great street food."gypsywithadayjob.com

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Great individual tours starting from Tel Aviv to nearly whole Israel, including Jerusalem, Negev Desert, Dead Sea and much more!

Southeast Israel

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Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV)

Sde Dov Airport (SDV)

Atarot Airport (JRS)

About Tel Aviv

At the city Tel Aviv live about 432,892 people. In addition, it is located by the sea and so you can enjoy the wonderful views over the sea at Tel Aviv. It offers a lot of interesting culture. In addition, there is a lot of nature in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is in east Israel (plan Israel itineraries). In addition, clubs and pubs and much more are waiting in Tel Aviv for you in the night!

Things to do

There are a lot of fun things to do in Tel Aviv. These places would actually be the best free things to do in Tel Aviv. There are

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It’s a lot like Brooklyn, except everything is in Hebrew and there are way less Orthodox Jews than there are in Brooklyn. Lots of

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When you think about Israel, you probably imagine an ancient land full of biblical landmarks and dramatic desert scenery. The city


The Carmel Market

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Eat & drink

Tel Aviv is by far my most favorite food city in the world. As a vegetarian, Tel Aviv and Israel (plan Israel itineraries) in general is a true heaven. All

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When asked to describe the Tel Aviv food scene, Yair says that Israel (plan Israel itineraries)i food is pronounced and strong, like the Israel (Israel itineraries)i people and

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There are those lunches that you fit in during your work day, sad affairs with mayonnaise-drooping sandwiches from corner delis. T

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Tel Aviv was my first time going to the Middle East, and I could not have asked for a better introduction to the region. We often


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. boasts long sandy beaches, over 300 days of sunshine, the oldest port in the world, a thriving nightlife and amazing cuisine! I

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Pharaoh Thutmose III sought to regain Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries)’s control over the lands as far as Syria. He presented large baskets full of ‘gifts’ t

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. once in a previous post, but anywhere that serves watermelon pizza deserves an encore. Between sweet smoothie bowls, savory veg

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It’s not a new favorite, no — but I can’t talk about dining in Tel Avivwi

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Tel Aviv is definitely an expensive destination. The cost of living is high. Rents have reached New York (York in detail) or Paris (visit Paris itineraries) levels. ...

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Discover how to visit Tel Aviv on a budget: Cheap eats, cheap hostels, free Tel Aviv nightlife, low cost flights, discounts & more


Tel Aviv nightlife budget tips

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It’s a place where cultures collide: Jews, Arabs, Christians, atheists, artists, scientists, locals, foreigners, young, old, gay a


Gay Hotels in Tel Aviv

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’s most dynamic city. Offering a rich cultural heritage, a surprisingly long history, vibrant nightlife and a beautiful stretch of

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It’s not very often you get a brand new hotel in the middle of all the action. Our friends at Tourist Israel gave us a great recom

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