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"Agrigento is so impressive considering how old it is!"followingtherivera.com
"Agrigento: Also on Sicily, a superb complex of Greek temples and ruins."travelnuity.com
"Agrigento: the valley of the temples is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Italy (see itineraries) and it should be on anyone bucket list."mel365.com
"Agrigento is known for its exceptional archeological heritage."travelingbytes.com
"Agrigento is incredible, you'll love it!"followingtherivera.com
"Agrigento is a Unesco World Heritage site."agreekadventure.com

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Agrigento lies along the south coast of Sicily, connected to the rest of the island by an extensive road network and by rail. The Doric Temple ruins from the Greek Epoch, is the real reason to be in Agrigento. The temple is one of the most beautiful gifts left to us by the ancients. The Greek poet Pindar denoted this city as "the most beautiful city of mortals." The attractions of Agrigento are: Valley of the Temples This is the most renowned attraction in Agrigento. This is a large archeological site containing the remains of various Doric temples dating from the 5th century B.C. The Cathedral The cathedral can be reached by going up the alleys from Piazza Piran (Piran in detail)dello. The way to the building has got a spectacular grand staircase. Its construction dates from the 11th century, but it has undergone many alterations through the centuries. It also holds an unfinished bell tower, which is embellished by a richly decorated balcony. Do check out the wood ceiling which is richly adorned so that it appears to be a hanging garden. Regional Archaeological Museum Located between the modern city and the Valley of the Temples, the museum is situated in the center of the Hellenistic-Roman quarter. This 18-room museum holds numerous interesting findings from Agrigento and the surrounding region, arranged by expository theme. The museum contains an outstanding collection of Attic vases, including the famous Crater of Dionysus, as well as the marble statue of Ephebus of Agrigento, a young athlete who lived in the 5th century B.C. Church of San Nicola The Church of San Nicola lies near to the Archeological Museum. This church was constructed in the 13th century. The church is made of volcanic rock taken from ruins of the Temple of Zeus. To the left of the church lies the Roman sarcophagus of Hippolitus and Phaedra. The sarcophagus is decorated with bas-reliefs telling the tragic story of Phaedra and her stepson Hippolitus, who was killed on the order of Phaedra because he did not return her love.


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