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"Bologna is sadly overshadowed by its neighbor to the South but should be on every food travelers list."aluxurytravelblog.com
"Bologna is renowned for its cuisine, with some of Italy's most iconic foods produced here."travlinmad.com
"Bologna is a great city to just wander around, and walking the city is one of the best free things to do in Bologna."withhusbandintow.com
"[auto generated]This itinerary proceeds through Spain in Southern Europe and it is a roundtrip from Pisa. Most popular parts are Barcelona and Madrid. <br>Do you like museums? Then you will enjoy Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. The climate is comfort. There are two flight connections. These are Pisa - Barcelona (more about Barcelona) and Madrid - Pisa. You can pay with Euros everywhere. During your travel you have to speak Spanish. English should be enough for communication everywhere."
"Bologna is a historical city known well by most Italians, however, not very well known by many foreign visitors."aworldtotravel.com
"Bologna is a historic city with plenty of character."roadaffair.com

One day guided Tour: discovering traditional balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano

This walking and tasting tour takes place in an area not far from Reggio Emilia and includes a visit to a top-rated acetaia (a place where vinegar is produced and aged) and a Parmigiano Reggiano dairy founded in 1900 and member of Slow Food Presidia.

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Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ)

Forlì Airport (FRL)

About Bologna

The town Bologna has 389,009 people living there. This town provides a lot of landmarks like Piazza Maggiore and Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda. The nearest big city is Genoa. This town is in the center of Italy.

Things to do

Bologna. This word used to fill me with the thought of a delicious pasta sauce. Now, it fills me with thoughts of a fabulous cit


Top 10 things to do in Bologna

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. is frequently skipped by tourists in Italy. Because it really is a beautiful place. The city is easy to visit in one or two day

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The city of Bologna is steeped in history and can keep a traveler busy exploring and eating. However, there is much more to this r

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Eat & drink

Bologna is the food capital of Italy, a city known for it red roofs, pasta, and gelato. If you think you know Italian food, think

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How does one write a Bologna food blog about the food capital of Italy (plan Italy itineraries) ? This Bologna food guide has been a work in progress for q


Ultimate Bologna Food Guide – What and Where to Eat in Bologna

What Are the Must Eat Bologna Restaurants?

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What is Eataly Bologna and Eataly World

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Bologna travel: Sleek, isn’t it? What is Bologna Italy (plan Italy itineraries) known for? I ended up loving it. Despite the fact that it was the middle of

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Conventional wisdom holds that the best time to visit northern Italy is in spring or autumn when the weather isn’t either too hot

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Bologna is not included in the top destinations for foreigners, as it does not have really significant monuments, such as the towe

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4. A Questionable Painting in San Petronio Basilica - How to Visit the Artwork inside Basilica di San Petronio The San Petronio

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Of course if you do decide to visit, you’ll want to do a little reading beforehand to find out why people are consistently raving


The Perfect 2-Day Bologna Itinerary

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Italy (plan Italy itineraries) is home to many of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and all of this competition usually means that Bologna


One Day in Bologna Itinerary

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I visited all of the cities above in a week's time while having Bologna as a base. I did combine Parma and Modena in one day trip

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Some of vibrant Bologna’s sights couldn’t charm us. That’s totally personal, of course. You might happen to really like those if y

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Puntate il naso all’insù, osservando quel soffitto in legno del portico antistante l’entrata. E’ uno dei pochi rimasti originali d

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Exploring Italian culture does not have to be just limited to the streets of Bologna. Book yourself into a boutique hotel to truly


Quick answer: The Best Boutique Hotels in Bologna

Why Art Hotel Commercianti is a Great Boutique Hotel:

Why the Art Hotel Orologio is a Great Boutique Hotel:

Conclusion to the Best Boutique Hotels in Bologna

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If you are looking to stay close to the heart of the historical city centre of Bologna, then these two properties are a perfect ch


The Royal Hotel Carlton

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We spent three nights at Hotel University, a bed and breakfast in the old center, within walking distance of the train station and

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