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"Matera is a paradise for curious explorers and keen photographers."galloparoundtheglobe.com
"Matera is now in position to have similar cultural developments and expected benefits."travelingwithsweeney.com
"Matera is on my list solely because I've seen it on your Instagram, looks right up my street."suitcasesandsandcastles.com
"Matera is the best of all we stayed in a cave there and loved the hot air balloons!"uncorneredmarket.com
"Matera is a sprawling Italian city which is composed of the Sassi, or historic centre, and the more modernised outskirts."travellingking.com
"Matera is nowhere near the water but the seafood dishes we ordered were definitely fresh!"missvacation.net

East Italy

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Bari Airport (BRI)

Taranto-Grottaglie Airport (TAR)

About Matera

Matera is a village in the country Italy (Italy itineraries). And the nearest neighbour city is Naples. Matera is in the west of Italy.

Things to do

, famous for its vast cave networks, which have been inhabited since the Paleolithic era. These caves are referred to as the Sassi

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Aug Matera, Italy (plan Italy itineraries) is one of the most memorable cities I have ever seen in Europe, the one I would strongly recommend you to visit,

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, Matera is one of those places that’s totally unique and completely gorgeous. Not only that, being one of the oldest (continually

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Eat & drink

When in Matera, indulge in some Southern Italian cuisine. I won’t lie to you – most restaurants in Matera serve pretty much the sa

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Forget pizza and pasta. There is nothing like the bread of Matera with mortadella and provolone cheese. You can grab a sandwich at

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From the depths of the cistern, we once again emerged onto Piazza Vittorio Veneto and modern Matera’s shops, cafes, and restaurants. ...

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Worth to visit

How to visit Matera, Italy (plan Italy itineraries): how to get there, what to see, where to stay and why you should add this unique UNESCO city to your tr

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Once called “the shame of Italy (plan Italy itineraries)”, Matera continues its rebirth attracting worldwide attention for its history, culture, and extrao


16 thoughts on “Shame-less Matera, Italy: A Cultural Rebirth”

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Matera to Alberobello Map - Quick Look: Best things to do to for your Matera Alberobello experience: - MATERA - Matera and Alber


The Matera Alberobello Effect

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Matera is a small town in Basilicata, in the South of Italy, with a very special appearance and history. ...

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MUSMA, short for Museum of Contemporary Sculptures of Matera, is located inside Palazzo Pomarici, a 16th-century palace in the hea

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There are some really cool hotels in Matera. These are the most lavish, accommodating, and family-friendly hotels in town! ...

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There are so many wonderful places to stay in Matera. Luxury, mid-range and budget options are all available, but regardless of yo

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We decided to visit Matera at the last minute and booked the day before during a popular weekend, so most places were full. We sta

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