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"Riomaggiore is the closest village to the city of La Spezia."nomadisbeautiful.com
"Riomaggiore is the start of the walk to Manarola, called the Via dell'Amore."probearoundtheglobe.com
"Riomaggiore is a beautiful town to sit back and enjoy your afternoon."keepcalmandtravel.com
"Riomaggiore is a lively Cinque Terre town that somehow feels as if it still has more local residents than tourists."fullsuitcase.com
"Riomaggiore is the first village when travelling North from La Spezia."myhammocktime.com
"Riomaggiore is the southernmost town of the five towns of Cinque Terre along Italy (visit Italy itineraries)'s northwestern coast."nattieontheroad.com

Northwest Italy

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Pisa International Airport (PSA)

About Riomaggiore

At the village Riomaggiorein the country Italy live over 1,067 people. And also, this village is in the center of Italy. Riomaggiore is located by the sea and so it is possible adore the beautiful beaches at Riomaggiore. And also, Genoa is the nearest neighbour city.

Things to do

Riomaggiore is part of the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the five towns hike, which is about 12 kilometers long,

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Unfortunately when we were here this section of the walk was closed due to a landslide so we caught a train for this part. Luckily


Corniglia to Vernazza

How long to spend in Cinque Terre?

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Now here’s where the guide is really going to falter, because I’m going to recommend doing what I normally recommend doing, especi

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Eat & drink

Aside from a slice of pizza, I did not eat at a restaurant once in Riomaggiore. While there are a few restaurants located on the m

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If you’re on a budget, I’d definitely recommend staying away from the “sit-down” restaurants and sticking to the grocery stores an

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Worth to visit

Despite its small population, Cinque Terre sees millions of tourists each year. One might wonder why as there aren’t a lot of “sig

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. when I visited Cinque Terre, I didn’t have much with me. If I were to visit again, I would de

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How long you should spend in this part of Liguria depends of course partly on yourself and on what you want to do / see. In fact,

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1 BEST THINGS TO DO IN 2 DAYS IN CINQUE TERRE + TRAVEL TIPS - 1.1 Travel Tips for Your 2 Days in Cinque Terre Trip Are you plann

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As you can see from the times above, a basic 1 day itinerary to see Cinque Terre is easily done. ...


Cinque Terre itinerary 2 days

Cinque Terre itinerary 1 day – with easy hiking option

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If you truly only have one day, I would recommend starting as early as possible in order to see as many of the villages as you can

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. accounts, you’d know that I’m not hiding the fact that I fell absolutely, head over heels in love with Cinque Terre, Italy. Yea

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Panoramic Views : being inside a little speck of land facing the open sea helps for this one. But you cannot escape it, the sea wi


The Best Hotels Riomaggiore Has to Offer

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The village is a good choice as a place to stay during your trip to the Cinque Terre. However it’s pretty popular, so you’ll need

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Each of the Cinque Terre towns has its charm and you cannot go wrong in any of them. ...

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