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"Syracuse: Stay at Hotel Gutkowksi."theboutiqueadventurer.com
"Syracuse: the city on the Ionian coast."tips4italiantrips.com
"Syracuse is a personal favourite of many travellers who love ancient history."thefairytaletraveler.com
"Syracuse: On the island of Sicily, home to both a Roman amphitheatre and a Greek theatre."travelnuity.com
"Syracuse is famous since ancient times for its stone quarries, called Latomie."learningescapes.net
"Syracuse is a beach city right at the length of the Ionian coast."agreekadventure.com

South Italy

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Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (CTA)

Comiso Airport (CIY)

About Syracuse

Syracuse is a town in the country Italy with 122,051 inhabitants. The nearest neighbour city is Catania. There are many historic relevant places. Syracuse is located in the southwest of Italy. Enjoy the wonderful views over the sea at Syracuse.

Things to do

I have travelled to Italy (plan Italy itineraries) quite a few times and it is in my top 5 of all countries in the world. I think Sicily maybe my favourite


5. Top Things to do in Sicily: Climb Mt Etna

Things to do in Sicily for Grown Ups: 9 Not to Miss

6. What to do in Sicily: Boat trip to Stromboli

2. Best Things to do in Sicily: Go shopping in Taormina

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Sicily was for the books! We had a ton of fun even though we ran into some problems with the owner, but that didn’t put a damper on our holiday. ...

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This beautiful little town 40km away from Syracuse is full of beautiful pale coloured buildings. ...

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Eat & drink

. twice. First was a bit of a lunch recce visit to check out this Aeolian Islands hotel – and it looked amazing and did a mean simple lunch. ...

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Syracuse is famous since ancient times for its stone quarries, called Latomie. They lie just outside the modern city, where the ar

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Oh, my gosh the ricotta in Sicily. I made it a goal to have ricotta at every main meal and I did pretty well in delivering. ...


The Aeolian Islands: Eat at Hotel Signum

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Worth to visit

The reason why we wanted to go there is because of the temples. Agrigento is a city that is located in Southwestern Sicily. One of

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Sicily is actually quite a large island with a lot of towns to visit. So here is where to stay in Sicily and how to have the best


Syracuse: Stay at Hotel Gutkowksi

Sicily Where to Stay The Aeolian Islands: Hotel Signum

1. Where to Stay in Sicily: Taormina

3. Where to Stay in Sicily: The Aeolian Islands

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Sicily has quite a few gorgeous boutique hotels in addition to the two I have already mentioned: Another great option on the water

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