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About Turin

Turin is a major industrial city as well as a business and cultural centre in northern Italy. It is surrounded on the western and northern front by the Alps and on the southern front by the hills of Monferrato. Four major rivers pass through the city: the Po and two of its tributaries, the Dora Riparia, the Stura di Lanzo, and the Sangone. Turin is also known as the capital of wine. It is known to produce both red and white wine. The attractions of Turin are listed below: Mole Antonelliana - The Mole Antonelliana is a tall nineteenth-century brick building topped by an aluminium spire. The picture of Mole is inscribed on Italy's 2 cent coins. The building is also home to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, which is Italy (visit Italy itineraries)'s National Cinema Museum. It is surely a thrilling experience to go inside this museum as it has got several innovative arrangements. You can watch movies of different genres. And the sitting place could be a bed or a toilet seat! There is also a glass lift which takes you to the top most pinnacle of the building. Piazza Castello - This square has got grand palaces like Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama to its share. Palazzo Reale is the royal palace that served the Savoy dynasty, and Palazzo Madama has remained a castle, prison, barracks, and senate house in the earlier time. This palace is now a museum. Duomo and the Turin Shroud - The shroud of Turin has remained a topic of debates for centuries. This is a linen cloth bearing the image of a man who appears to have been physically traumatized in a manner consistent with crucifixion. It is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy (see itineraries). But unfortunately it is no more available to the public viewing as the shroud is currently kept safely locked up. But people are attracted by the very fact of not being able to view it. Egypt (plan Egypt itineraries)ian Museum - This museum has got the vast collection of Egypt (Egypt itineraries)ian artifacts. There are fascinating reconstructions of burial chambers, and plenty of mummies here. Superga - This is a basilica on the hill. It has become popular for the wrong reasons. This is because this is the site of the tragic aeroplane crash which killed the great Torino football team. Monte dei Cappuccini - This is a little hill that was once the site of a fort and later went on to become a monastery. You can view the snow-capped Alps from here.

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1. Shroud of Turin: Within the simple Cathedral of Turin in Piazza San Giovanni you’ll find The Shroud of Turin – believed to be t

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Turin, a city in the northern part of Italy is often overlooked but I was surprised to find out that there are so many amazing t

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Every year Mr ESLT whisks me off somewhere different for my birthday. This year our destination was Turin in Northern Italy (plan Italy itineraries). There

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Eat & drink

It can be a challenge eating out with kids. You need fast service, a buzz loud enough so your child will blend in, a menu with foo


Best completely kid-oriented restaurant

Best nice restaurant in a good location

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Some of the dishes you will want to try in Turin are vitel tonné, the garlic-rich bagna ca


Solferino, one of the top Turin restaurants

Tre Galline, one of the oldest Turin restaurants

Monferrato, Torino restaurant for regional cuisine

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Lo Sfashion Cafè è un locale di Piero Chiambretti ed davvero particolare: arredamento vintage, pareti coloratissime e gustosissime

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. was born, back in 1895. And we’ve never been to a city where coffee has soaked so deeply into its very core. The smell of dark

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As a total contrast, around twenty minutes away from Piazza Castello you’ll reach a part of the city with some incredible Art Nouv


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This vegan Turin guide won’t be complete without some extra tips I’ve gathered while staying in the city. These tips will make you

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Day Trip from Milan – Your Ideal Itinerary for One Day in Turin Here’s your guide to a day trip from Milan to Turin, including t

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Forse sapete che non è la prima volta che salgo in Piemonte e quella dello scorso anno mi ha colpito tantissimo: la Sacra di San M

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The Chapel of the Shroud – though the Shroud of Turin is no longer housed here, the chapel is arguably the more impressive sight.

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Not necessarily meaning super cheap hotels in Turin, here we include affordable, smart accommodation as well as some of the cheape

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In this sharing economy, you can easily find lodgings online. But let me offer two suggestions. ...

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If you’re getting the card and will also take the Panoramic Lift and the Superga Tram, it’s best to add the €6 Pass for Tourist se

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Among the hotels near Porta Nuova station in Turin, this is by far the most luxurious and one of the favourites. One of the best p


Best hotels near Turin airport

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Turin Palace Hotel, one of the best 5-star hotels in Turin

Starhotels Majestic Torino, a favourite 4-star hotel in Turin city centre

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While it’s easy to get back to Turin, you might like to take your time, stay overnight and explore the area a bit more. ...

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Gli esperti di esoterismo, inoltre, hanno identificato proprio in Torino uno dei vertici dei triangoli magici della Magia Bianca e di quella Nera. ...

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