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This itinerary brings you through Jamaica in Caribbean. Tower Isle (Ocho Rios) is the highlight.
Often you can take a bath. That is possible at Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio. Many cities are warm in April. During your travel you have to speak English. If your passport is from
Austria (more about Austria) and you use the power sockets type C/F, then you would still need: A / B.

Things to do

Things to do in Jamaica

There are so many new things to do in Jamaica that if you haven’t been in 10 years, you will see a huge change – especially in the


What are the unique things to do in Jamaica?

There are so many things to do in Jamaica, from Montego Bay to St. Elizabeth and everywhere in between.

theplanetd.com > Things To Do In Jamaic

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Unique Things To Do In Jamaica

Well, Jamaica changed me, at least it did with the people that I was able to encounter there. Come with me on a journey as I show

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18 Best Things to do in Jamaica

If you’re looking for a fun day trip in Jamaica and are up for the adventure getting theredef


5 thoughts on “18 Best Things to do in Jamaica”

15. Bamboo Rafting down the Martha Brae River

16. Visit a local bar

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Eat & drink

Jamaican Street Food: Learn What Jamaicans Eat!

In this article, I’m going to share some of the secrets of Jamaican street food and give you an insight into what food you can fin

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What to Eat in Jamaica: Traditional Jamaican Food

Eating the traditional food of a country is one of the best parts of travel for me. Whether you’re about to visit Jamaica or are l


Favourite food spots in Jamaica

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Rick’s Cafe and the cliffs

As the day moves along one may feel like taking a walk to Rick’s Café , which is a world famous outdoor bar and viewing area for p

runawayjuno.com > Runaway To > Jamaica Beaches Cliff

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5 Jamaica Music Festivals You Should Not Miss

The country may be most known for reggae music but did you know that they can be credited for seven different music genres? The on

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17 Reasons to Visit Jamaica This Winter

If the simple fact that Jamaica is the perfect temperature all winter long isn’t reason enough for you to visit, then here are 17


7 thoughts on “17 Reasons to Visit Jamaica This Winter”

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Travel Essentials for Jamaica - Packing Guide

Especially with regards to the items that you should bring with you. So, for those who aren’t native to Jamaica, it’s important th

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An Itinerary Through Real Jamaica

Looking to explore real Jamaica? With a detailed itinerary, tips on what to see, where to stay, where to eat and advice on safety,


Real Jamaica: An Itinerary

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Completing a degree used to require laying down roots close to the classrooms of your chosen institution. But modern tech means mo

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Our day by day Jamaica itinerary

Accommodation Type/s: We spent most of our 14 days in Jamaica in Negril (plan Negril itineraries), where we arranged a home swap through Home Exchange.com.

worldforagirl.com > Jamaica Highlights Family Travel Blo

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Total Price:

When you leave the airport, you will be bombarded by people asking you where you are going and quoting you ridiculous prices. One

roadaffair.com > Getting Around Jamaica In Route Taxi

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Jamaica Honeymoon Budget

One of the most common ways to book a honeymoon in Jamaica is to book a package trip. The price of the honeymoon package will depe

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9. Budget Tip

If prices are quoted in US Dollars know that you are in a expensive location. Run away, run away fast. Though US dollars are accep

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Where to Stay in Jamaica: Best Hostels & Hotels in Jamaica 2020

With so many different areas and accommodation options to choose from, how could you possibly figure out where to stay in Jamaic


Geejam Hotel

Where to Stay in Runaway Bay

Spanish Court Hotel

Where to Stay in Negril

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The 19 Best Hotels in Jamaica

Jamaica has truly earned its reputation as a tropical paradise and a haven for holidaymakers of all kinds. It’s a vast Caribbean i


S Hotel Jamaica

Where to Stay in Jamaica

Best Hotels in Negril, Jamaica

The Cliff Hotel

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Family Friendly Resort in Jamaica: The Grand Palladium Hotels

Looking for a family friendly resort in Jamaica? Well, the Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts , an all-inclusive family-friendly res

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