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"Nara (more about Nara) is one of the "big three" popular cities to visit in the Kansai region."willflyforfood.net
"Nara is best known for its deer park, where hundreds of deer roam free."xyuandbeyond.com
"Nara is also home to some of the world's oldest architecture."weblogtheworld.com
"Nara (see itineraries) is one of the best day trips not only from Kyoto or Osaka, but in all of Japan (plan Japan itineraries)."weblogtheworld.com
"Nara is one of the best places to rent a kimono in the Kansai region."willflyforfood.net
"Nara is the second most historical city in Japan (plan Japan itineraries) and home to the famous wandering deer."wildjunket.com

Middle Japan

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Calm City
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2-3 nights


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Osaka International Airport (ITM)

Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Kobe Airport (UKB)

About Nara

The big city Nara (plan Nara itineraries) has a population of 1,396,849. And also, the nearest city of Nara (Nara itineraries) is Osaka. It is great for a trip with much cultural experiences. And also, Nara (plan Nara itineraries) gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a river. Nara (Nara itineraries) is in center Japan (visit Japan itineraries).

Things to do

Things to do in Nara, Japan: See the best sites in Nara

. but not Nara. Nara turned out to be an amazing city. We only had one day there but we couchsurfed with a local so we had an ins

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Things to do in Nara

A historical treasure and home to some of Japan (plan Japan itineraries)'s oldest temples, Nara is a rewarding destination located less than an hour away f

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The Nara Park deer and other things to see in Nara, Japan

18 Comments on The Nara Park deer and other things to see in Nara, Japan , we debated whether to even include Nara as a stop alo

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Eat & drink

Vegan Nara, Japan Dining and Restaurant Guide

Nara (plan Nara itineraries), Japan has quite a good selection of vegan food, due in part to its Buddhist traditions. . Buddhist temple cuisine, known as


Vegan Nara Restaurants

Other Veg Restaurants in Nara

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Kura Izakaya: Where to Eat in Nara, Japan

On our most recent trip to the Kansai region, we spent our last full day exploring Nara with our Japan (plan Japan itineraries)ese friend Tsutomu. There we

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Kansai Japan Guide for First-timers: Kyoto, Nara and Osaka

Kansai, Japan (plan Japan itineraries) is one of the most popular destinations in the country because of its cultural and historical heritage. The tower is

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12. Visit Nara Cultural Centre

I sort of discovered this place by accident when walking from Nara Hotel to the train station but was so glad I did. The Nara Cult

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The Perfect One Day Nara Itinerary

Nara is a city that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Japan (plan Japan itineraries). Famous for its hundreds of deer roaming around Nara deer park, its be


Finish your Japan itinerary…

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Day Trip to Nara: Itinerary + Travel Tips

One of the best things about the Kansai region in Japan (plan Japan itineraries) is how much there is to do and see in such close proximity. Nara, a smalle

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The PERFECT Nara Day Trip Itinerary - Japan's cutest city - Daily Travel Pill

This beautiful city has something that makes it truly unique – there are thousands of deer roaming free everywhere. There are thou


3. The perfect Nara itinerary

The PERFECT Nara Day Trip Itinerary – Japan’s cutest city

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Budget Tips

• Accommodation is expensive in Japan (plan Japan itineraries), save money during your trip by staying in a hostel dorm, capsule hotel or even couchsurfing

jontotheworld.com > Kansai Japan Guide Kyoto Nara Osak

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The Best Ryokans and Hotels in Nara Japan

Out of all the places we visited in Japan (plan Japan itineraries), Nara was our biggest surprise . We must admit we had never heard of it before landing i

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Where to Stay in Mount Koya

If you’ve visiting Mount Koya we cannot recommend highly enough staying at one of the Buddhist monestaries. A night in a tradition

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6. Stay in Royal Nara Hotel

, sometime preferred to as Royal Nara Hotel, thanks to its many distinguished guests. Past emperors, members of the road family an

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