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"Amman is home to over 4 million people and traffic can be jammed at all hours of the day."carpediemourway.com
"Amman is one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Middle East."aworldtotravel.com
"Amman is a great example, providing many modern luxuries, while still retaining its uniquely Jordan (see itineraries)ian culture."theblondeabroad.com
"Amman is a fast growing city and a hub for everything happening in Jordan (more about Jordan)."breathewithus.com
"Amman is a safe city too and you don't need to be more on your guard than you would be at home."soultravelblog.com
"Amman is a very interesting city and definitely worth a visit when travelling in Jordan (see itineraries)."travellingcolognian.com

North Jordan

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3-4 nights


Moderate (4 of 5)

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Around Amman


Queen Alia International Airport (AMM)

Amman-Marka International Airport (ADJ)

Atarot Airport (JRS)

About Amman

Amman is a big city in Jordan with a population of 1,972,712. Also Amman is the capital of Jordan. This big city is in the west of Jordan (more about Jordan). Also it fits perfect for a cultural trip. There exists historic relevant places.

Things to do

It was another 4:15am wake up courtesy of the nearby mosque. We started with a taxi ride to the top of the nearby hill where the

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Reading Terminal Market

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2 When you fly into Jordan to start your travels, you’ll probably fly into Amman. This is the capital of Jordan and it is the home

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Eat & drink

When people think about food in Philly, they usually only think about cheesesteaks… or Philadelphia cream cheese if they’re Europe


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There’s a reason why nearly every diplomat, celebrity, and Royal family member that has passed through Amman has enjoyed a meal at


Hashem Restaurant

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Worth to visit

Philadelphia is a great destination for solo travellers or families and groups. I travelled as a solo female and felt quite safe. ...

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Symbols of freedom and liberty persist throughout the Old City — from the Liberty Bell, to Independence Hall, to the National Cons

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located in Center City — which is the heart of Philly. ...

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Hotel Four Seasons Amman je lociran v prestižni bivalni soseski v Amanu in je vseeno odlično izhodišče za raziskovanje te čudovite

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Una delle cose più belle da vedere a Petra è lo spettacolo Petra by Night. Tre volte a settimana il Siq ed il Tesoro vengono illum

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Kimpton Hotel Monaco

Loews Philadelphia Hotel

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Amman is loaded with hotels but I prefer to stay local and booked an Airbnb near downtown and it was a good decision. It is a fun,

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