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"Almaty is a great city to get lost in as you'll stumble on hidden gems with every turn you take."wander-lush.org
"Almaty is a great place to learn more about Kazakh culture and try out the local cuisine."sunshineseeker.com
"Almaty is the perfect jumping off point to explore this beautiful area of the country either on a day trip or a longer excursion."thesandyfeet.com
"Almaty is one of the best cities to visit in Central Asia."thesandyfeet.com
"Almaty is located at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, and the mountains provide a stunning backdrop for Almaty Airport."nomadicnotes.com
"Almaty is the gateway to Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan in detail)'s wild nature."sunshineseeker.com

South Kazakhstan

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Almaty Airport (ALA)

Boraldai Airport (BXJ)

Cholpon-Ata Airport (ЧЛА)

Issyk-Kul International Airport (IKU)

About Almaty

Almaty is a big city (Kazakhstan (visit Kazakhstan itineraries)) with a population of 2,000,900. It is a green city. This big city is located in south Kazakhstan (see itineraries). It fits perfect for a cultural trip.

Things to do

Almaty is the biggest city in Kazakhstan (see itineraries). Find out the top things to do and to see in this interesting city in Central Asia.subway

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, in general, doesn’t attract many people. With no mass tourism, interactions with the locals are more authentic, and after Tashke

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Arriving in Almaty, to its leafy boulevards and patchwork of architecture, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into a th

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Eat & drink

To eat all sort of delicious things and to do some shopping head to Zelenny, the best bazaar in Almaty. According to locals, Gakku

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There are several bars and restaurants at Shymbulak where you can enjoy a drink or a good meal. There’s even a yurt bar at the Tal


Safety and avalanche risks

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. to get that Insta Pic you know you’re dying to come back with. ...

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. might just be it. Not only is the country over 90% mountainous and studded with beautiful landscapes, but the traditional nomad


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Kazakhstan receives very few European and North American tourists, so whenever I was doing anything remotely “touristy” in Almaty

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Kazakhstan (see itineraries) is blessed with beautiful landscapes that can vary widely. Driving from the mountains around Almaty into the steppe, th

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If you don’t have a few months to spend in the region, let your theme of choice (e.g, Silk Road cities, desert, mountain adventure

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Financial planning is boring and annoying. - Long distance sleeper train: 2,000 – 3,000 Tenge / €5.25 – 7.85 / $5.65 – 8.30 - Hist


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The lake itself is only an hour driving away from Almaty so it is best visited as a day trip from there! We stayed in the Alma cin

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Almaty is one of Central Asia’s largest hubs so there are a plethora of accommodation options. I recommend both Almaty Backpacker’

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Hotel Kazakhstan (see itineraries) is a well-known landmark in Almaty. When it was completed in 1977 it surpassed the Zenkov Cathedral to become the

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