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"Pristina is the largest city in Kosovo; it is also the country's capital."everything-everywhere.com
"Pristina is a great city, awesome bar scene."goatsontheroad.com
"pristina is my favourite."heartmybackpack.com
"Pristina is the capital city of Kosovo."wanderlustingk.com
"Pristina is actually not one of the popular tourist places, but for me it was a stop over between Macedonia and Montenegro, and being the capital city is has the best bus routes, some cool bars and cafes."dontstopliving.net
"Pristina is such a great, even if underrated city."mywanderlust.pl

East Kosovo

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Priština International Airport (PRN)

Bojnik Airport (BJK)

About Pristina

Pristina is a city in the country Kosovo with a population of 550,000. The nearest city of Pristina is Novi Pazar. Pristina is in southeast Kosovo.

Things to do

Top 10 Things To Do In Pristina - What To See And Do In Pristina - Visit the Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum - Where To Stay When


What To See And Do In Pristina

Top 10 Things To Do In Pristina

Other Popular Things In Pristina

See Pristina’s Oldest Mosque

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It’s true that gazing up at the Eiffel Tower in Paris or seeing Big Ben in London for the first time is a thrill. But if you’re


13. Hallstatt, Austria…for the Blue Hour

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Bazaars, museums, architecture and designer cafes – Kosovo’s biggest city does it all incredibly well. Of all the big Balkan citie


Lose yourself in Prishtina’s old market, Tregu i vjeter

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Eat & drink

If you need a wee break from Balkan cuisine, Prishtina is a great place to reset your palate. We only ate out a couple of times an


Eat lunch at Hotel Gračanica

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. are a few things that characterize this place. I usually get the Sweet Chili Salad and I’m always satisfied with their food. ...

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This is probably one of the most important reasons visitors come in Pristina – its lovely coffee culture. I’ve written about my fa

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Worth to visit

. is the best-preserved medieval town in Germany. It’s compact, too , so no car or public transportation is required to enjoy all

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The National Library, considered ugly by some and interesting by others (another term used when you don’t really like something bu

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It’s a delicious place to escape the stresses of big cities and breathe in the mountain air. There are plenty of other adventure


32. Yerevan, Armenia for Café Culture

38. Sintra, Portugal…for Moorish History

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Aerial view of capital city with some old buildings like National Public Library and Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Pristina, Kos


The Perfect 1-Day Pristina Itinerary

2. Pristina Bear Sanctuary

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Don’t get this wrong, Pristina surely is a lively city especially during the summer months, and we should go back there someday to

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Our flight landed at midnight on Friday night. Not really any time for much more than getting to the hotel, checking in, and getti


Pristina Bear Sanctuary

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is the top choice among Prishtina’s hostels. Stay Ok will set you back a few more Euro, bu

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Travelers may be surprised by just how many accommodation options there are in Pristina, given its somewhat untouristy nature. Wha

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A short walk from Mother Theresa Cathedral, Newborn Monument, and the National Library of Kosovo, the Royal Hotel and Spa is one o


Hostel Tuba

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