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"Bishkek is a pretty cool city to hang out in and take it easy, but I think Kyrgyzstan truly shines when you get out close to nature."thatbackpacker.com
"Bishkek is one of my favorite cities in Central Asia."bucketlistly.blog
"Bishkek is an interesting city and one that, by all accounts, is filled with a vibrant way of life for residents."timetravelturtle.com
"Bishkek is not that interesting."lostwithpurpose.com
"Bishkek is a soviet-time-capsule - During the soviet-era, Bishkek grew from village to metropolis."bkpk.me
"Bishkek is a brilliant city to not just backpack in but to live there."dontstopliving.net

North Kyrgyzstan

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Manas International Airport (FRU)

Tokmok Airport (ТКМ)

About Bishkek

Bishkek is a city (Kyrgyzstan (plan Kyrgyzstan itineraries)) with 900,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of Kyrgyzstan (more about Kyrgyzstan itineraries). This city is in the north of Kyrgyzstan. It fits perfect for a cultural trip. Bishkek is a very green city.

Things to do

We really didn’t know what to expect from pretty unknown capital of Kyrgyzstan (see itineraries). But Bishkek surprised us with its many green space

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If at all, Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan (see itineraries), is only known as a summer destination. The famous Tian Shan Mountains offer some su


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Bishkek is not a typical tourist city. Most people will spend some time here to arrange travel onwards through Kyrgyzstan (see itineraries) , but it

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Eat & drink

You can find cereals and dried fruits which is very healthy for breakfast. There are various fruits and juices. At the same time y

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Before I came to Bishkek, I had no idea that it’s where I would taste some of the best coffees I ever had. Bishkek has an amazing

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Kyrgyz food usually means a lot of meat. Usually lamb or mutton. Be sure to try the national dish Besh Barmak, a delicious stew of

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Before proceeding further and knowing about the Bishkek top buying things, it is important to understand Bishkek as a travel desti

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Beeline prices are national, so you should be able to get the same price anywhere in the country. However, there may be higher pri

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Although the official Library of Kyrgyzstan was founded in 1934, the building that now houses the collection is from 1983. Inside

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My stay in the Ambassador Hotel was at the end of my trip around the Baltic Countries was my last stop in Asia before leaving to e


Going Back to Ambassador Hotel?

Where is Ambassador Hotel located?

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There are plenty of accommodation options in Bishkek. The range varies from cheap local guest houses to upscale international hote

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I’ve been to Bishkek several times over the last few years. Here are my personal favorite hostels and hotels from my many stays: ...

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