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"Osh is a sort of Central Asian mixing bowl of cultures, food and people."uncorneredmarket.com
"Osh (plan Osh itineraries) is a really interesting city with lots to see and do - and I think Sulaiman-Too is one of the highlights."timetravelturtle.com
"Osh (more about Osh itineraries) is a nice city, with some solid accommodation and decent food options."seehertravel.com
"Osh is a very clean city filled with lush green trees, gardens and fragrant breezes."joaoleitao.com
"Osh is like another country to the rest of Kyrgyzstan."bucketlistly.blog
"Osh (Osh in detail) is famous for its giant somsas, stuffed pastries baked on the side of a tandoor-like oven called a."uncorneredmarket.com

South Kyrgyzstan

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Osh Airport (OSS)

Andizhan Airport (AZN)

Jalal-Abad Airport (ДЖБ)

Kyzyl-Kiya Airport (КЫК)

About Osh

Osh (more about Osh) is a big city (Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan in detail)) with a population of 999,576. Furthermore, you will find a lot of nature in Osh (more about Osh). It fits perfect for a cultural trip. Furthermore, Osh is known for historic relevant locations. This big city is located in southeast Kyrgyzstan.

Things to do

, its green leafy parks to relax in, and delicious regional specialty dishes, Osh (more about Osh itineraries) is a welcomed city break. A strange feature to the epically flat city of Osh at the heart of the Fergana Valley that’s shared between Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan (more about Tajikistan), and Uzbekistan is a craggy mountain that rises up toward the sky smack in the ...

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If you visit Kyrgyzstan, it’s possible to overlook the Central Asian cultural mixing bowl that is the city of Osh. For many travelers, Osh (visit Osh itineraries) serves as a transit point en route to the Pamir Mountains, Irkeshtam Pass to China (China itineraries), Dostyk crossing to Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan in detail), or the newly marked trekking trails in the Alay Mountains rather ...

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There aren’t a lot of things to do in Sary Moghul itself, but it acts as an amazing launchpad for some of Kyrgyzstan’s best adventure activities. ...


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Osh can keep you busy for several days and one of my favorite travel blogs called Uncornered Market has simplified it very well in this interesting article: Travel Guide to Osh ...


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Eat & drink

If you’ve been backpacking in Central Asia for a while and are dying for something different I recommend Izyum Restaurant in Petrovsky Park, with an extensive international menu. ...

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While traveling in Kyrgyzstan, it’s very likely you’ll eat samsa, dough pockets tucked with meat, onions and spices. However, if you wish to visit samsa central, a visit to Osh is a must. Elsewhere in Kyrgyzstan, samsas are often baked in a ordinary ...

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Most of the food you'll eat in the Alay Region will be served by guesthouses or yurt camps. On the plus side, this means that it's always homemade and cooked fresh. On the down side it means a limited choice of what you'll eat since there are usually no menus and everyone tends to eat the same thing.

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I am absolutely amazed at the beauty of these places. It’s rugged, raw and surreal. My personal favorite is the picture of the soldiers playing with the local and the scenery in the background. Thank you so much for penning down the itinerary in such detail. We are definitely going to add this to our list for the year.

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Worth to visit

So how did this mountain change from being simply a spiritual natural landscape into a focus of intense worship? ...

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Here’s a bit of extra information to help you plan your adventure along the Pamir Highway. ...


Expect to spend about $100 per day on car rental.

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There's not a lot of information available online about traveling in the Alay Region and how to organize a trip. We've tried to incorporate the most relevant and important travel details here. ...

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Tulpar Lake – A couple of kilometers before Lenin Peak base camp, you find Tulpar Lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by velvet-green rolling hills, from where you have fantastic views of the Lenin Peak. ...

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Prices do not include: sleeping bag rental, overnight stay in Sary Mogul village before/after trek, any special drinks outside of water and tea/coffee, which are provided. ...


Prices above include:

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There is certainly no shortage of opportunities to stay in a yurt when you’re traveling in the Alay Region. It's one of the highlights. ...

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Backpacker Hostel – Osh (plan Osh itineraries) Guest House – Cheaper than Biy Ordo but not as comfortable. This is the most budget option for backpackers. ...


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. and enjoyed it. It was the most expensive place along our Pamir Highway road trip, but it was quite high quality. ...


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