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"Osh is one of those cities that travellers to Kyrgyzstan (visit Kyrgyzstan itineraries) seem to spend just a day in to either head to China (more about China itineraries) or coming from China to other parts of Kyrgyzstan (visit Kyrgyzstan itineraries), and others organising a road trip across the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan."backpackingman.com
"Osh is famous for its giant somsas, stuffed pastries baked on the side of a tandoor-like oven called a."uncorneredmarket.com
"Osh is the best place to start planning your trip."bucketlistly.blog
"Osh is like a different country when compared to Bishkek due to the amount of Uzbeks living in that region."bucketlistly.blog
"Osh is a crossroads of peoples and pilgrims, of Silk Road trading, of Stalinist Soviet border drawing."uncorneredmarket.com
"Osh is more eclectic than most markets."dontstopliving.net

South Kyrgyzstan

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Osh Airport (OSS)

Andizhan Airport (AZN)

Jalal-Abad Airport (ДЖБ)

Kyzyl-Kiya Airport (КЫК)

About Osh

Osh is a big city (Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan in detail)) with a population of 999,576. Furthermore, you will find a lot of nature in Osh. It fits perfect for a cultural trip. Furthermore, Osh is known for historic relevant locations. This big city is located in southeast Kyrgyzstan.

Things to do

, its green leafy parks to relax in, and delicious regional specialty dishes, Osh is a welcomed city break. A strange feature to t

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If you visit Kyrgyzstan (see itineraries), it’s possible to overlook the Central Asian cultural mixing bowl that is the city of Osh. For many travel

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There aren’t a lot of things to do in Sary Moghul itself, but it acts as an amazing launchpad for some of Kyrgyzstan’s best adventure activities. ...


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Eat & drink

If you’ve been backpacking in Central Asia for a while and are dying for something different I recommend Izyum Restaurant in Petro

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While traveling in Kyrgyzstan (visit Kyrgyzstan itineraries), it’s very likely you’ll eat samsa, dough pockets tucked with meat, o

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Most of the food you'll eat in the Alay Region will be served by guesthouses or yurt camps. On the plus side, this means that it's

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Worth to visit

So how did this mountain change from being simply a spiritual natural landscape into a focus of intense worship? ...

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Here’s a bit of extra information to help you plan your adventure along the Pamir Highway. ...


Expect to spend about $100 per day on car rental.

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There's not a lot of information available online about traveling in the Alay Region and how to organize a trip. We've tried to in

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Tulpar Lake – A couple of kilometers before Lenin Peak base camp, you find Tulpar Lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by velvet-gree

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Prices do not include: sleeping bag rental, overnight stay in Sary Mogul village before/after trek, any special drinks ou


Prices above include:

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There is certainly no shortage of opportunities to stay in a yurt when you’re traveling in the Alay Region. It's one of the highlights. ...

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Backpacker Hostel – Osh Guest House – Cheaper than Biy Ordo but not as comfortable. This is the most budget option for backpackers. ...


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. and enjoyed it. It was the most expensive place along our Pamir Highway road trip, but it was quite high quality. ...


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