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We’ve been on a mission to explore some of the smallest countries in the world. So what else would we do in Liechtenstein than to

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Although it is possible to visit Vaduz as a day trip from either Switzerland (Switzerland itineraries) or Austria, I would recommend spending at least one n

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The small nation of Liechtenstein attracts two types of people: Country-collectors who want to add another country to their list a


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Eat & drink

Make sure to call ahead for dinner reservationsat the hotel’s Restaurant Maree. Many people driv


What to Drink

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Liechtenstein has a Michelin-starred restaurant! Once I made this discovery, I knew I wanted to eat there. While I did not find an

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Worth to visit

Liechtenstein is a very small country, you can probably drive through the entire country in a day. Blessed with mountainous terrai

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We only spent a short time in the capital of Liechtenstein as we were driving home and still had a long way to go, but I would hav


3. What is the population of Liechtenstein?

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A Liechtenstein Center nem csak virtuálisan egy központ, hanem fizikai értelemben is. Az épület előtt áll ugyanis a nullás kilomét

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Arriving in Zurich (plan Zurich itineraries): Zurich (more about Zurich itineraries) airport is the most popular option to travel to Vaduz from Switzerland. The closest airport to Vaduz is

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I loved it so much! Liechtenstein offers up excellent hiking, beautiful scenery, clean air, and a surprising amount of things to d

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It’s hardly surprising given its close proximity to Switzerland, but Liechtenstein was still more expensive than I was expecting. ...

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Liechtenstein doesn’t have its own airport but the nearest international airport is Zurich (plan Zurich itineraries) Airport in Switzerland. You can reach Z

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Hotel Restaurant Kulm is only a 15-minute drive south-east of Vaduz, located in a charming mountainside village called Triesenberg

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You can still get a glimpse of royalty. By booking a suite at the Park Hotel Sonnenhof , you will have a direct view of the castle

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I always use Booking.com to research and book accommodation for my trips. It has a bunch of filtering options so I can easily get

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More about Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a landlocked country in central Europe. It occupies the floodplains of the upper Rhine valley and part of the Austrian Alps. The country has a temperate climate with cold winters. Diary farming is important, but manufacturing is dominant. Major products are precision instruments, dentistry equipment, ceramics and textiles. Finance (banking) is very important. Tourism and postal stamps provide additional revenue. The 30.000 inhabitants live in an area of about 160 square kilometers. The language spoken is German. The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz.