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"Kaunas is an easy day trip from the Lithuanian capital."velvetescape.com
"Kaunas is Vilnius's little brother, it's the second largest city of Lithuania."karolinapatryk.com
"Kaunas is easily reachable by regular bus services from Vilnius (see itineraries)."velvetescape.com
"Kaunas is a great destination and definitely untouched at this stage."travelsewhere.net
"Kaunas is the second-largest city and an economic and cultural centre in Lithuania (plan Lithuania itineraries)."velvetescape.com
"Kaunas is a wonderful city to visit."reflectionsenroute.com

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About Kaunas

Kaunas is a town (Lithuania) with a population of 374,643. Also the nearest neighbour city of Kaunas is Vilnius. Kaunas is located in center Lithuania. Also Kaunas gives you the possibility to relax next toby a river.

Things to do

We first visited Kaunas, Lithuania during a Thanksgiving weekend about five years ago on an exchange trip. After leaving the ship,


What are the Top Things to Do in Kaunas?

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Ever since Antanas Žmuidzinavičius collected almost 300 Devils in his personal collection and made them public. ...


7. You can donate your very own Devil to the museum!

Looking for more places to visit in Kaunas?

5. There are Devils here from ALL over the world

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Ninth fortress – The ninth fortress became a prison almost immediately after its opening. When communists took over the country, m

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Eat & drink

Vegan Kaunas guide – Vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafes, health stores, plant-based traditional Lithuanian food and internati


Mokslo Kavinė – Kaunas Vegan Cafe and Health Store

Vegan Kaunas – The Best Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Ridikas – Vegan Cafe in Kaunas

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Visit Kaunas Lithuania: Things to do and see ,the Old Town, Kaunas Castle, architecture, street art, museums and much more. Kaunas


19 Reasons to Visit Kaunas, Lithuania

Experience Riding the Kaunas Funiculars

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We first visited Kaunas, Lithuania during a Thanksgiving weekend about five years ago on an exchange trip. Our gracious hosts were

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Did you know that in Lithuania (more about Lithuania itineraries)n folklore there are over 1,000 words for the Devil? The most common is Velnias. ...

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Stay – If you book in advance, you’ll find great deals in Kaunas. A four-star hotel will cost you up to sixty euros per night. But


Saving money in Kaunas

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You can fly to Kaunas International Airport from many other European airports. Search Omio ...

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Kaunas is not too large and a it’s a walkable city, so you’ll be able to see most of its attractions on foot. That’s very convenient. ...

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There’s always a decision to be made when looking for a hotel in a new place. Kaunas hotels are all affordable and even cheap by o

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Public transport to the ninth fort – From the center there are two buses per hour that drive to the ninth fort. Instead of arrangi

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