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"Klaipeda is the third-largest city of Lithuania (more about Lithuania)."spendlifetraveling.com
"Klaipeda is great place for walking around."gamintraveler.com
"Klaipeda is getting more and more popular, this city is developing really fast."karolinapatryk.com
"Klaipeda is worth a visit and travelers should spend a bit more time than one day in this area."karolinapatryk.com
"Klaipeda is a popular port city located in the Baltic sea and is the third largest city in Lithuania."gamintraveler.com
"Klaipeda is third town and the biggest port in Lithuania (plan Lithuania itineraries)."familyadventureproject.org

Northwest Lithuania

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Palanga International Airport (PLQ)

About Klaipeda

Klaipeda is a town in the country Lithuania with a population of 192,307. In Klaipeda you find many historic places. It gives you the possibility to relax next toby a river. Enjoy the wonderful views over the sea at Klaipeda. The nearest big city is Tricity. Klaipeda is in center Lithuania.

Things to do

In the late 19th century, my great-great-grandmother took a train from Klaipeda to the other end of Germany, leaving everything sh

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You can find five settlements on the Curonian Spit. The biggest and most visited ones are Smiltyne, Judokrante and Nida. If this i

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To get the first impression of Klaipeda, you should probably start your acquaintance with it from the old town. Klaipeda used to b


Other things to do in Klaipeda Lithuania

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Eat & drink

As for the coffee, let me share the gem of a place. Ateik Ateik became one of my most favourite pla

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Monaiis the top spot for good food in Klaipeda. The place is a lovely and elegant restaurant which will delight even the pickiest


Restaurant XII

fantastic Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival

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You don’t need to stay on the Curonian Spit. As we said, you can easily visit on a day tour from Klaipeda, so we recommend you bas

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There are a number of advantages when staying in Klaipeda. First, it is the 3rd biggest city in the country, therefore there are a

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– Spacious and clean hotel a bit further away from the old town ...

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