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"Trakai is one of the oldest castles in Lithuania (Lithuania itineraries) and sits right in the middle of a lake."casualtravelist.com
"Trakai (more about Trakai) is also a perfect place to try the typical Karaim food as the town is full of restaurants."mywanderlust.pl
"Trakai is a lake resort and a historic city."teacaketravels.com
"Trakai is the most popular day trip from Vilnius (plan Vilnius itineraries), Lithuania (plan Lithuania itineraries)."thesanetravel.com
"Trakai is the best place to stop if you want to learn about Lithuania's long history, as well as to see a bit of the country's natural beauty."gobackpacking.com
"In Trakai you will find some beautiful Karaim wooden houses where local restaurants are located, your best options to try this unusual dishes!"mywanderlust.pl

Middle Lithuania

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Vilnius International Airport (VNO)

Kaunas International Airport (KUN)

About Trakai

Trakai (plan Trakai itineraries) is a village (Lithuania (visit Lithuania itineraries)) with a population of 5,530. Besides there exists historic relevant buildings. This village is in south Lithuania (see itineraries). Besides the nearest city of Trakai (plan Trakai itineraries) is Vilnius.

Things to do

Trakai (plan Trakai itineraries) might be small, but you will find enough sights to keep you occupied for half a day. What makes Trakai (more about Trakai itineraries) so interesting is its cultural heritage. Have you ever heard of the Crimean Karaites? These Turkic people are one of the ethnic minorities who have lived in Lithuania for centuries.

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Eat & drink

I was very hungry and cold – since my visit was in November – so I wanted to find somewhere nice for lunch. Unfortunately for me, most places don’t open until 12 but that meant I had time to decide on where I wanted to eat: ...

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If you’d rather stop over in Trakai (plan Trakai itineraries), there are plenty of hotels to choose from. ...

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Hill of Angels is a relatively new addition to Trakai since 2009. It has 25 oak angels on a hill on the opposite side of the lake and each angel sculpture is sponsored by a different family. We stopped briefly to see the hill but didn’t spend a lot of time here. It is another beautiful addition to this already ...

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