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"Ohrid is a must-see, but there are lots of other places around."bbqboy.net
"Ohrid is also very nice and has a unique atmosphere as virtually no western tourists visit Macedonia."bbqboy.net
"Ohrid is home to a number of historic monasteries and famous Byzantine-style icons as well as remarkable architecture and ancient ruins."traveladdicts.net
"Ohrid is one of my favourite places in the Balkans."ouroyster.com
"The city Ohrid is one of the longest human settlements in Europe."ivasays.com
"Ohrid is a place we wanted to visit but it was hard finding an automatic car in high season and expensive."bbqboy.net

Southwest Macedonia

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About Ohrid

The town in the country Macedonia Ohrid has 54,908 people. Ohrid is located in south Macedonia. Skopje (Skopje itineraries) is the nearest city. It gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake.

Things to do

While Macedonia is a landlocked country, it holds the wonderful gem of Lake Ohrid. Split between Albania and Macedonia, we chose t


Top Things To Do In Ohrid, Macedonia

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The Ottoman houses on the shore of Lake Ohrid are veiled in the morning mist as if they were white ghosts against a blanket of whi


Best Things To Do In Ohrid Macedonia

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I honestly didn’t know much about this country. So why did I choose to visit it? To be completely honest mainly because I found a

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Eat & drink

. for a good reason. This family-owned restaurant is located next to Ohrid’s ancient amphitheater that was built in 200 BC and ho

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We were quite surprised by the number of good restaurants in Ohrid. And the amount of restaurants. We enjoyed a lot of good food h


Restaurant Delikates

Kaneo Restaurant

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In a few words, if you haven’t seen Ohrid, you haven’t seen North Macedonia (plan Macedonia itineraries). Ohrid is without any doubt one of the most beautiful

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A UNESCO listed World Heritage site, Ohrid dishes up a quaint summer holiday vibe. Lazy days spent swimming in the crystal clear w

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Spacious and comfortable apartments with a great location. The owner, Kosta, makes sure his guests feel comfortable and he’s alw

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