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"Skopje is ugly af, and doesn't have a unique personality."bbqboy.net
"Skopje is an odd city and we'll always remember it by how unusual its city center is."jackandjilltravel.com
"Skopje is not the most beautiful place we've visited."bbqboy.net
"Skopje is one of the last places in Europe where you can witness this architectural style typical for the communism era."chasingthedonkey.com
"Skopje is also very cool, in a very different way though."neverendingfootsteps.com
"Skopje is a place that has a truly majestic town center."chasingthedonkey.com

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North Macedonia

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Priština International Airport (PRN)

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP)

About Skopje

(Macedonia (Macedonia in detail)) Skopje has 585,315 people. And there exists historic buildings. Skopje is located in north Macedonia. And it is known for the nice nightlife. Skopje is the capital of Macedonia.

Things to do

To me, it was the easiest way to get to Kosovo for a travel writing assignment on the then two-month-old nation. Originally from

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Skopje is the capital of North Macedonia. Find out what are some of the top things to do and to see in this nice city in the Balka

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. for your trip. The fortress is a great spot to see Skopje from above without paying any commission. Go for a walk along the lit


1) Things to do in Skopje & Tours in Macedonia

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Eat & drink

The Best Restaurants In Skopje You Have To Eat At - Vodenica Mulino, For A Romantic Date - Fast Food Sedmica, For The Best Burge

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We cooked a lot ourselves in Skopje, especially dinners. So we didn’t try that many restaurants, but we have a couple to recommend. ...

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Our time in Skopje has been vary limited, this is why we can only list 2 restaurants in this section – most good restaurants are l

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Worth to visit

I mean it’s not Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries) or London, but it’s a great example of where the old meets new, and with their massive statues scattered ar

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I get the feeling that Skopje can sometimes be difficult to grasp especially because it’s authenticity is hidden behind a rather a

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That said, we had a great time. Skopje still hosts several interesting examples of brutalism. There is a nice Old Town with histor

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Since it was so late, we stayed the night in the small town of Delchevo near the border, and then drove to Skopje next morning. To

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Combien de temps: Je recommanderais de rester trois jours dans la région de Skopje. Un jour pour prendre le pouls de la ville et m

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As Northern Macedonia is not part of the EU, our SIM cards wouldn’t work there unless we used data roaming – umm, usually, that op


What About Tipping?

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Dec How to spend only one day in Skopje and make the most of it? We traveled to Skopje during the first month of pregnancy, and it

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Whatever happens to be on show, it’s worth paying the 50 MKD entrance fee just to see the interior architecture of the hamam itsel

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- Picking up and dropping your car off at the same location is the best idea unless you want to be charged extra. - When you get

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Super budget friendly accommodation in Skopje is easy to find at a hostel. Here are the best ones: ...


Hotel Skopje

Hotel Karpos Skopje

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The gigantic square in downtown Skopje has been turned into a statue wonderland, which is fascinating and somewhat grotesque, give

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The old bazaar/old town in Skopje. Not the nicest old town compared to other countries in Balkan, but still worth a walk around. I

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