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The Best Things To Do in Malawi - 10 Incredible Adventures to Add to Your Malawi Bucket List I first visited Malawi in 2009, but I

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The Republic of Malawi is the long, skinny, land locked country sandwiched between Tanzania (plan Tanzania itineraries) and Zambia (plan Zambia itineraries). Malawi’s lack of natural m

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Malawi once formed part of the Maravi Empire — an African kingdom founded in the late 15th century. Livingstone eventually made it

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Eat & drink

Malawi is generally not thought of as one of the world’s great foodie destinations. Most visitors to the country don’t come for th


International and Malawi Food at its Finest

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Spice tour on Zanzibar Island. We learned a lot about the different farms and types of spices on Zanzibar. If you find yourself on

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. that we had just come from. We were handed keys to a two bedroomed cottage which looked out onto the beach and I really did thi

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So you’re planningbackpacking Africa! Yay! Well, you’ve come to the right place! Backpacking (and flashpa

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. is a non-profit organization that runs conservation project expeditions to all corners of the earth. They work hand-in-hand wit


Packing for a conservation project in Malawi

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Be aware that the price a shopkeeper tells you is about 30% to 50% more than you can bargain for it. Don’t feel pressured to pay f

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An epic Malawi Itinerary including where to go, where to stay and things to do! This could also be due to the fact that getting ar

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Malawi is a small country dense with points of interests and “tourist attractions”, although many of those are still off-the-beate

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Il Malawi è un piccolo paese denso di punti di interesse e “attrazioni turistiche”. Molte di queste sono ancora fuori dai sentieri

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The Mushroom Farm is more than just a peaceful retreat where foreign travelers can seek respite from the hardships of travel in Africa. ...

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I arrived to Kumbali Lake Retreat mid-afternoon and was immediately greeted by the resort manager Stinger, a kind man with a big s

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The brightest jewel in Malawi’s crown, Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa and one of the deepest in the world! Fun ac

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I use this method because you get more value usually where you go and can find some pretty sweet pads in great areas. You seem m

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