Malta: Itineraries & tips

"Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and the number of tourists is growing every year."traveladdicts.net
"Malta is a tiny archipelago country steeped in history."heatheronhertravels.com
"Malta is a really old country, full of so much history, which means one thing: cobblestones."travelfashiongirl.com
"Malta is scenic fishermen's villages, narrow streets, friendly people, beautiful landscapes and for sure: yummy food."justtravelous.com
"Malta is packed with captivating historical and cultural attractions."travelsewhere.net
"Malta is the best known and most visited island in the archipelago."rexyedventures.com

Malta location

Southern Europe


Malta at a glance

Maltese Lira (MTL)




Average (3 of 5)

Level of costs

Trendy (4 of 5)

Tourism trend change

Very safe (79 / 100)

Safety index

Modern (88 / 100)

Human development index

Best itineraries

Top Malta attractions

Things to do

10 Cool Things to Do in Malta in Winter

When you think of Malta, you probably imagine an idyllic beach destination. You are right: Malta has beautiful beaches. So why do


7 Try Delicious Food at a Market Place

Splendid Weather is Everything

happyfrogtravels.com > 10 Cool Things To Do In Malta In Winte

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3 Days in Malta: Fun Things to See and Do on the Island

Here you’ll find your Malta itinerary packed with places to see and do on this sunny island. All you need to do now is take the be

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Top 5 Things To Do In Malta

Surrounding the Window is a weather-beaten and pitted rocky shore that can best be described as moon-like craters. The landscape m

travelwithbender.com > Travel Blog > Malta > Top 5 Things To Do In Malt

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Eat & drink

Seafood and Fish

Of course, there is a lot of fish and seafood here, Malta is still an island! The best seafood and fresh you can find are Sundays


Government run restaurants

Drinks and Food

beinglocallyabroad.com > Author > Admin > Page >

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Cheap Eats Guide to Malta

This edition, we are discovering the best cheap eats in Malta thanks to a collaboration with Dealchecker and a little help from


Cheap Eats Guide to Malta

budgettraveller.org > Cheap Eats Guide To Malt

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Malta Travel Guide - A Sightseeing, Hotel, and Restaurant Guide for Malta

April 28, 2011 Today I want to share my Malta travel guide with you. Ten years ago I had no idea where Malta was. And now I’m shar


Restaurants in Valletta

Restaurants in Mdina

Restaurants in Rabat, Malta

Best Restaurant in Mdina

aladyinlondon.com > Malta Sightseeing Hotels Restaurants Html

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Worth to visit

Is Esplora Worth Visiting?

If you are visiting Malta with kids then the answer to this question is 100% yes for lots of reasons. The first thing worth mentio

zenas suitcase.co.uk > Esplora Malt

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Is Malta worth visiting?

Malta has it all – whether its thrilling adventure or picturesque hiking trails, historical landmarks and buzzing nightlife – perf

brbgonesomewhereepic.com > Malta Travel Guid

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Why avoid Mellieha

It’s a little removed from the rest of Malta, meaning if you’re hoping to spend some time exploring Valetta and the other big sigh


Why avoid Gozo

youcouldtravel.com > Travel Blog > Where To Stay In Malta

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10 Reasons Malta Should Be on Your Gay Travel Bucket List

Malta may not yet be on your travel radar but it’s quickly making a name for itself, particularly for the LGBT community. . For Ma


Valletta is the Capital of Culture 2018

twobadtourists.com > 10 Reasons Malta Should Be On Your Gay Travel Bucket Lis

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Malta Travel Tips: 20 Things to know before visiting Malta

Maltese people are also generally hospitable. Its isolation and tranquility can make you feel relaxed. Keep reading as we tell you


Things to Know before visiting Malta about Food

gamintraveler.com > 20 Things To Know Before Visiting Malt

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Top 12 Reasons to Go To Malta & Malta Travel Tips

At a short, direct plane ride from Milan, going never seemed urgent during the three years I lived in Italy (plan Italy itineraries). Which meant that I ne

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Sightseeing in Malta Itinerary

This 3 day itinerary for sightseeing in Malta will help you visit the most significant highlights of the Maltese islands. If you'v


Malta Itinerary

davestravelpages.com > Sightseeing In Malta

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The Perfect Malta 1 Week Itinerary

Malta is a group of small islands that sits right in the centre of the Mediterranean, just below Sicily and close to the North Afr


The Three Cities

brbgonesomewhereepic.com > Malta 1 Week Itinerar

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The Perfect 3 Days In Malta Itinerary

I had a friend from elementary school who was from Malta but other than that I never really thought anything of it. The island of

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Is Malta Expensive in 2020

Malta is a lovely sunny destination right between Sicily and Africa, similar in the weather to Southern Spain (plan Spain itineraries) and the Greek Island


How expensive is Malta – A daily travel budget

mel365.com > Is Malta Expensiv

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How much does it cost to visit Malta?

How much spending money you need for Malta purely depends on what you plan to do, for my Malta visit I budget around £50 per perso

xyuandbeyond.com > Visiting Malt

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Village Feasts

Whilst Malta has a wide selection of restaurants and bars to choose from, many tourists decide to check out the famous village fea

escapingabroad.com > Blog > Reasons Fall Love Malt

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Where to stay

We stayed in St. Julian. This is a super busy / party area. When we arrived the first night, we were surprised and felt old :-). T

belgesenroute.com > Malt

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Where to Stay in Malta: The Best Hotels and Neighborhoods

In this article, you’re going to find awesome tips on where to stay in Malta, including the best neighborhoods and hotels of diffe


Where to stay in Sliema

Where to stay in Valletta

Where to stay in Malta

Where to stay in Gozo

nomadisbeautiful.com > Travel Blogs > Where To Stay In Malt

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Where to Stay in Malta: Boco Boutique Hotel

Wondering where to stay in Malta? If you want to stay close to all the action but still enjoy some peace and quiet, if you’re look

theyogiwanderer.com > Where To Stay In Malt

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More about Malta

Malta is a country in southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of the islands Malta and Gozo off the coast of south Italy. It has low hills and an indented coastline. The climate is moderate with hot dry summers and mild winters. The main industries are tourism, ship building and repair, vegetables and tobacco. The 360.000 inhabitants live on two islands with a total area of about 316 square kilometers, Languages spoken are Maltese and English. The capital of Malta is Valetta.