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"Akumal is one of the most beautiful stretches along the Riviera Maya, and I'd hate to see this little paradise ruined."globetrottergirls.com
"Akumal is one of the best beaches in Mexico for snorkeling."myadventuresacrosstheworld.com
"Akumal is known as a haven for turtles, and our resort was located right on the waterfront."familytravelmagazine.com
"Akumal is not so far away for a day trip and for weekends you can always go to Tulum (Tulum itineraries) for eco friendly yoga resorts."neverendingfootsteps.com
"Akumal is located close to some of the most famous Mexico tourist attractions, so there's an excellent choice of places to stay."myadventuresacrosstheworld.com
"Akumal is a quiet place with a restful coastline protected by a double natural barrier."annaeverywhere.com

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Akumal is a village (Mexico). Further the nearest city is Cancun (more about Cancun). Akumal is in the west of Mexico. Further adore the wonderful views over the sea at Akumal. Akumal is a very green city.

Things to do

If you didn’t already know, the name Akumal interestingly derives from the Mayan language, in which it means “place of the turtles”. Once in Akumal, you can easily get around by bike or using the colectivos which are cheap. How is your Spanish going by the way? Spanish is not necessary for getting by.


Things to do in Akumal

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Who has not dreamed of snorkelling or swimming with turtles in the open sea? When I read that this was possible on Akumal beach before coming on our trip to Yucatan , I had put it on our list of must do. Jerome has been somewhat obsessed by sea life and seeing fish while snorkelling are one of those creatures that ...

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If you drive, simply take the main highway from Playa to Akumal, and park in the public lot near the beach. ...

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If you only have two days, you might be happy just hanging at the campsite, but there are plenty of things to do in the Akumal area most of them involving the Akumal beach turtles. If you want to experience snorkeling in Mexico while in The Riviera Maya then Akumal is a great place to do this.

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Eat & drink

The rightfully popular Lolharestaurant is Akumal’s go-to place to eat. It’s right on the beach, and offers up everything from fruit smoothies to seafood and vegetarian options. Check out reviews of Lolha on Tripadvisor . If you want to save some cash, bring a picnic lunch and ..

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We were starving and Restaurant La Lunita seemed the obvious place to go for lunch. On the way there we passed a section on the beach, which was marked as a nesting area for the turtles. So the turtles did come there to lay their eggs. Restaurant La Lunita had a great spot, just above the beach, with tables and ..

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Slippery floors. All of the floors in the rooms and in the restaurants had tile, which was very slippery for a baby just learning to walk. Baby B fell a number of times and banged his head pretty bad in our room (he had a big purple goose egg on this forehead within ...

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Worth to visit

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t opposed to swimming with turtles at all, I’m just a very curious person. Also, as a diver I am very weary of potential tourist traps involving animals, and would never join a tour or go somewhere if I was worried that the animals would get ...

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A few years back Akumal Bay was free for all and you could swim with the turtles whenever you wanted. Unfortunately, due to the rising amount of ignorant tourists touching and grabbing poor turtles, causing damage to the marine ecosystems, now there are limits to 300 people per day and the activity is supervised.

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I first visited Akumal turtles beach 7 years ago, and wow has it ever changed since then. The beach was once quiet and secluded, but now you will find luxury resorts and tour shacks for guided snorkelling and fishing situated on the shore. ...

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We’re certified scuba divers, and the very first thing you learn in diving is that you are a guest in the ocean. Do not take this for granted. Many of the Akumal turtles are endangered, and the area they swim in is their feeding area. This should be sacred for all those who love wildlife.

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Remember, the turtles are wild animals in their natural environment. Getting too close, touching them or trying to feed them is a definite no-no. While these turtles are used to people, loud noisesand getting too close can disturb their feeding patterns and ..

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There are many places to stay in Akumal, but none of them are like Akumal Natura Glamping! Glamping en Mexico (see itineraries) is something everyone should experience. To be able to take a short ride on a bus from my base in Playa del Carmen (Playa del Carmen in detail) to the Mexican Jungle and sleep in a beautiful tent on an incredibly comfortable bed is a ...

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One of the most common questions we get are for hotel recommendations. The biggest town in the region is Cancun and there are a ton of places to stay in the Cancun (more about Cancun) hotel zone . However, staying closer to Akumal may make for a more enjoyable, convenient experience if snorkeling with the sea turtles is at the top of ...

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There are some great hotels in the Akumal and Tulum area, and below I’ve included some deals for you to chose from! ...

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Accommodation is not tricky to find here, but if your location is important to you, as in my other guide I recommend you check out the Jungle Hotel. ...

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