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"Bacalar is one of the up-and-coming remote beach towns, but I'm a fan of nearby Xcalak."hippie-inheels.com
"Bacalar is a small town located near Chetumal in Mexico."atravellersfootsteps.com
"Bacalar is a large lake, completely immersed in the vegetation of Yucatan."myadventuresacrosstheworld.com
"Bacalar is warm and lovely year round, perfect for swimming or enjoying the water in a float nearly every day of the year."travellemming.com
"Bacalar is probably my absolute favorite place in Mexico (visit Mexico itineraries)!"travellemming.com
"Bacalar is a cute little town where you can relax."discoveringlegacies.com

Southeast Mexico

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Corozal Municipal Airport (CZH)

Chetumal International Airport (CTM)

Sartaneja Airport (SJX)

Orange Walk Airport (ORZ)

About Bacalar

Bacalar is a village with over 11,513 people. In addition, it gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake. Bacalar is located in west Mexico. In addition, the nearest big city is Cancun.

Things to do

Welcome to Bacalar in Mexico! Read all the 6 best things to do in Bacalar in this article. Because Bacalar in Mexico (more about Mexico) has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, there are not a lot of things to do in Bacalar. Probably Bacalar is not your only destination in Mexico, read our Mexico itinerary to inspire yourself to ...


What are the best things to do in Bacalar Mexico?

How many days do you need for Bacalar Mexico?

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Belonging to Quintana Roo State, can be found on the south part of the Riviera Maya. We spent just over a week finding out what the best things to do in Bacalar are. Much of which is either in, on or next to the stunning water. ...


More Things To Do In Bacalar

Explore Bacalar Town

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I’m going to make things easy for you: you should spend at least two full days in Bacalar. One should be spent on a boat trip on the lake and one should be spent at Los Rapidos. Done and done. ...

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You’ll never run out of ways to fill your day while in Bacalar. Much of the appeal is Laguna de Bacalar – firstly because it’s stunning, but also because of the activities, it provides for tourists. Check out a few of the options to whet your appetite before arriving in this lovely part of Mexico (Mexico itineraries).


Places in Mexico to Visit Before or After Bacalar

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Eat & drink

Bacalar is also called the new Tulum and we understand why. You will find the same atmosphere here with tourist-oriented restaurants and shops. Fortunately that is not nearly as massive and overwhelming as it can be in Tulum (Tulum in detail). But have you ever read about Bacalar as an undiscovered gem in Mexico (Mexico itineraries)? Then that blog might ...

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Unsurprisingly, fresh fish regularly features on local menus. Restaurants specialize in locally-produced ingredients and fully cater to vegetarians and vegans. There are so many great restaurants to choose from but here are three that we think you should try when visiting ...

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One of the best things to do in Bacalar Mexico regarding food is to visit Enamora! You can eat and drink really delicious and healthy. Here you can order delicious sandwiches that are richly invested. The smoothies are also delicious here. You immediately see and taste that everything is made fresh.

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Bacalar has so many wonderful restaurants — and one incredibly overrated restaurant that of COURSE I will name. Here are some of the top spots to eat in Bacalar that I recommend: ...

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Worth to visit

Bacalar is SO worth it! It’s a special place, and so different from the rest of Mexico. I’m convinced that it’s the most beautiful place in the country, and it’s proof that lakes can be much prettier than the ocean. ...


Bacalar is SO worth it!

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I have been to 14 states in Mexico now, which is more or less all the ones on anyone’s travel radar. There are only a few places everyone seems to agree on: Bacalar is on that list! ...

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YAXAHATCHEE: A popular lakefront hostel with dorms and camping options. They offer free breakfast, but you’ll have to skip this one if you need a hot-water shower! ...

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There are few things you may want to know about Bacalar before you book your hotel. ...


Hotels & Airbnbs in Bacalar Town

Hotels & Airbnbs Along Bacalar Lagoon

Hostels in Lake Bacalar

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If you plan to spend the night in Xpujil before a trip into Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, there are tons of choose from. ...

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No matter if you are on a luxury honeymoon in Mexico or backpacker looking for a cheap hostel, there is something for you in Bacalar. We’d highly suggest spending a night or two in Bacalar if your itinerary Mexico allows. ...

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Full disclosure: I’m a bit of an Airbnb pro. I managed to travel all over Mexico (Mexico itineraries) for about a year straight, and stay only in Airbnbs. ...


Best Bacalar Resorts and Hotels

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