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"Chihuahua is no different."mexicocassie.com
"Chihuahua is in the desert so will be hot days."expertvagabond.com
"Chihuahua is bordered by the Mexican states of Sonora; to the west, Sinaloa; to the southwest, Durango; to the south, and Coahuila; to the east."stayadventurous.com
"Chihuahua: Hot and wet in summer although possibly not wet."mexicocassie.com

North Mexico

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1-2 nights


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General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport (CUU)

About Chihuahua

At Chihuahua live 1,088 people. Further the nearest big city is Veracruz. This village is located in south Mexico (plan Mexico itineraries). Further it provides a lot of culture.

Things to do

I had 2 nights in Chihuahua but as I landed early evening and departed for the Copper Canyon train early on day 3, I only had one


What to see and do in Divisadero

What to see and do in Los Mochis

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On this occasion, the Copper Canyon isn’t just about the journey, it’s destinations in between – don’t miss them. ...


The train journey covers 653 km from end to end and it’s worth spending at least 2-3 days to cover the distance.

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Eat & drink

I wandered around the back of the cathedral and ate at one of the myriad street food stalls. And it was here that I discovered the

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Va da sé che se avete la fortuna di poter viaggiare in basa stagione, delle prenotazioni potete fregarvene altamente e tutto il di

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Worth to visit

ABSOLUTELY! Excuse me for shouting, but unless you absolutely hate dogs, this cafe is simply awesome. I had the biggest smile on m

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I travelled the full length of the Copper Canyon on my own and I’m a five-foot tall, non-native Spanish speaking woman. Therefore,

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. the practicalities of choosing a direction of travel. I chose to travel the route end to end from Chihuahua to Los Mochis. ...

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Taxi downtown from the airport: the going rate should be 150 Pesos. My taxi driver tried asking for 250. There’s no taxi meter so

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Budget is always a tricky one to cover because costs can vary so widely from person to person depending on your comfort requiremen

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This was room at the Ibis hotel. Just kidding! This was one of the rooms in the Museo Casa de Villa. ...


Hotel Fenix

Where to stay in Creel

Ibis Hotel

Where to stay in Divisadero

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