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"Isla Mujeres (plan Isla Mujeres itineraries) is surrounded by the charm of its origin."annaeverywhere.com
"Isla Mujeres is one of the best day trips you'll find on offer close to Cancun."thefittraveller.com
"Isla Mujeres (Isla Mujeres itineraries) is an old fishing village turned beach oasis that even includes an underwater sculpture museum."thetravelwomen.com
"Isla Mujeres (plan Isla Mujeres itineraries) is about 5 miles long, so it's entirely possible that I will be at Playa Norte daily without much of a hassle."ohmyomaha.com
"Isla Mujeres is a small island off the coast of Cancun (visit Cancun itineraries), but it's a world apart from the vibe of Cancun (see itineraries)."alittleadrift.com
"Isla Mujeres is a small island off the coast of Cancun and can be easily explored on a day trip."roadaffair.com

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Cancún International Airport (CUN)

About Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a village (Mexico) with a population of over 12,642. Further this village is in the west of Mexico (plan Mexico itineraries). Enjoy the wonderful views over the sea at Isla Mujeres. Further it gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next to by a lake.

Things to do

It’s no secret that we love Isla Mujeres on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. Warm blue waters, fantastic beaches, good snorkeling, and a great selection of restaurants all make Isla Mujeres a must see if you’re on Mexico’s Mayan Riviera. Located only a short 20 minute ferry ride from Cancun (more about Cancun itineraries), Isla Mujeres makes a great day trip ...


Things to do in Isla Mujeres Mexico

The Zocalo

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Isla Mujeres, Mexico (plan Mexico itineraries) is a beautiful, sleepy little island located off the coast of Cancun. Discover the best things to do in Isla Mujeres! Isla Mujeres, Mexico (Mexico itineraries) is a beautiful, sleepy little island located off the coast of Cancun. Discover the best things to do in Isla Mujeres! Isla Mujeres, Mexico is a tiny, ...


The Best Things to Do in Isla Mujeres

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It was a beautiful beach and it looked like a great place to spend time with our kids, but unfortunately it was one of those rare cloudy and windy days so sadly we didn’t stop to play. ...

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While the biggest draw to the island is the gorgeous Caribbean sea, there are a few more things to do on Isla Mujeres. We learnt this the hard way when the abnormally atrocious weatherremoved every desire we had to laze on a ...

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Eat & drink

You guys know I’m not exactly the most experienced of eaters, but while I was in Mexico (Mexico itineraries), I was approached by a Latin American food magazine about writing a series of articles about Mexican street food. I was terrified, but treated it as the perfect excuse for widening my food-based horizons and ..

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There are tons of great little restaurants all over the main town in Mujeres. Most of the restaurants we went to were on Miguel Hidalgo. Some of my favorites were: ...


Morgan’s Restaurant:

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Fine Cancun dining is an integral part of the The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres luxury hotel experience. Lupita Lounge – An open air lounge bar surrounded by Mexican Caribbean native tropical plant patio overlooking the Marina. Sushi & Ceviche Bar – Located at the Lupita Lounge, enjoy a fine selection of sushis, nigris, ...

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We ate so well during our time on Isla Mujeres. Given it’s a beach and island destination, we were paying more for food than we were in places like Tulum and Mexico (Mexico itineraries) City. But it was almost always worth the extra cost given how amazing the food was. ...

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Travel burn out sounds like the ultimate first world problem. There are people in this world that would kill to have the opportunities that I have to travel, and here I am feeling exhausted and tired from too much travel. But unfortunately travel burn out is a thing. And the consequence of doing it too much and ..

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I visited Isla Mujeres (plan Isla Mujeres itineraries) for a few days with my bestie Bel and immediately fell in love. With just a short flight to Cancun, a shared transfer to the pier, and a 20 minute boat ride, I went from breathing in the smog of big CDMX to zenning out on the pristine beaches of Isla Mujeres (plan Isla Mujeres itineraries).

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The hotels will recomend that you take a taxi from the hotel to Playa Tortugas or El Embarcadeo. From there you take the Ultramar ferry to Isla Mujeres (Isla Mujeres itineraries)...

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There are lots of hotels to choose from on Isla Mujeres, and they cater to every taste and budget. You can stay on the beach or off, with a family or as a couple. With swimming pools and all inclusive plans, staying at a hotel in Isla Mujeres can be a great way to start or end a long day seeing the sites.

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. and we absolutely loved it. It was right in town, super cute, super comfortable and most importantly super affordable. ...

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