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"Puebla is definitely on my list for my next visit - I want to eat everything there!"neverendingfootsteps.com
"Puebla is known to be the official culinary destination of Mexico (plan Mexico itineraries) and, although every state has its food identity and specialties, Puebla can be considered on top of the game."boundlessroads.com
"Puebla is often forgotten in the shadow of its neighbor - Mexico City."goatsontheroad.com
"Puebla is the one state in Mexico where Cinco de Mayo is actually a celebrated holiday."stayadventurous.com
"Puebla is so close to Mexico (Mexico itineraries) City - it's only two hours away by bus."eternal-expat.com
"Puebla is a destination worth a visit on your travel."globetrotterguru.com

South Mexico

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Hermanos Serdán International Airport (PBC)

About Puebla

Puebla is a big city in the country Mexico (more about Mexico) with a population of 1,590,256. Furthermore, the nearest city of Puebla is Mexico City. Puebla is in center Mexico. Furthermore, Puebla fits perfect for a cultural trip.

Things to do

These were all of my favorite things to do in Puebla and a few things that we missed out on and wish I’d had more time to explore. ...

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This city was an afterthought when planning my trip to Mexico. Puebla, the 4th largest Mexican city with a population of 1.5 milli

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I’ve been living in Puebla for over a year, and yet I’ve only written ONE post about it, which means I’m long-overdue for sharing


Top 12 Things to Do in Puebla

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Eat & drink

Head to Hotel El Encanto’s terrace and enjoy a lovely breakfast with Puebla’s cathedral as a backdrop. The towers you see are more

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I’m a vegetarian, and I find that Cholula has better options for me. These are my

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For dinner, I have a few recommendations…easy to do, since I was there four days and eating is one of Puebla’s favorite pastimes.

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In November of 2015, we made the surprising and last minute decision to leave Rio de Janeiro (more about Rio de Janeiro itineraries) and move to Puebla, Mexico as expats.


What I Didn’t Expect in Puebla, Mexico

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Puebla has a lived in feel that isn’t matched by anywhere else I’ve been in Mexico. The streets are packed with locals and the tou

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To help you pack for your trip to Mexico, the below list of must-have items can be really useful. ...

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Puebla and neighboring Cholula are pueblos magicos - incredible places to visit in Mexico! Learn how to plan the perfect day so yo


13 thoughts on “A Puebla Itinerary: You Need More Than a Puebla Day Trip to Do it Right”

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In Puebla there’s an international airport, but flying from Mexico City to Puebla makes zero sense. In fact, there are multiple ai

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I always really appreciate when a hotel goes above and beyond to add little details to the room that make you more comfortable. ...

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. was our stay in the gorgeous boutique hotel in Puebla – Meson Sacristia de la Compañia . This Puebla hotel is a sight for sore


Smooth Check in

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Situated only roughly 130 km from the capital, Puebla is easy to reach from Mexico City by bus. There are a couple of companies of

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As I mentioned earlier, I think the better bet is to stay in Cholula. You’ll get those early morning views and nightlife and you c

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