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"Teotihuacan is definitely a valuable city and a great place to visit."thetravelbite.com
"Teotihuacan is awesome and while it isn't exactly."eternal-expat.com
"Teotihuacan is a few hours drive away, and have you heard of Chichen Itza?"joyandjourney.com
"Teotihuacan is slightly cooler than Mexico (plan Mexico itineraries) City, so be sure to pack an extra layer."eternal-expat.com
"Teotihuacan is still open so you can take a half-day or day trip out there."lajollamom.com
"Teotihuacan is a sight to behold, you can spend a few hours exploring them high and low."global-gallivanting.com

South Mexico

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Licenciado Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX)

Santa Lucia Airport (disambiguation) (NLU)

About Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan has a population of 22,541. Besides it fits perfect for a cultural trip. Mexico City is the nearest city. Besides Teotihuacan is in the center of Mexico.

Eat & drink

Several food stands are located on the site. Another option is restaurants outside the Teotihuacan. You can re-enter the site anytime as long as it’s on the same day. We opted for homemade sandwiches as these places are usually crowded and overpriced. ...

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The fact that you can leave the site for lunch and re-enter with your ticket isn’t widely advertised. There are some street food options outside Gate 2and one really unique restaurant outside Gate 5.

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Luckily there is no need to book a tour. It can easily be done on your own. Not only it will save you some money, you can do it at your own pace and most importantly arrive before all the buses. Visit of Mexico City is not complete without visiting the archaeological site of Teotihuacan.

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Entrance fee: As of January 2020, the cost of entry to Teotihuacan Pyramids is 80 Pesos. Children younger than 13 can enjoy free admission! ...

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These are two very separate experiences with less overlap than you’d expect, so if you can, I recommend doing both. ...

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The Teotihuacan site is vast and you’ll be trekking up and down large, steep steps for much of the day. Because of this it’s important to dress accordingly. ...

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I think 90% of travelers should day-trip to Teotihuacan and not worry about spending the night. You’ll have more choices for hotels and restaurants if you head back to Mexico City after the night show. ...

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