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"Moldova is one of the newest countries on the list, literally."wildjunket.com
"Moldova is a densely populated country, with large villages and towns surrounded by farmland."goworldtravel.com
"Moldova is developing their wine culture and it is fun to go to various wineries and try out the wines there."beenaroundtheglobe.com
"Moldova is perhaps best known for its wine, which is absolutely delicious."indietravelpodcast.com
"Moldova is one of the most authentic countries that I have visited so far."thegreenpick.com
"Moldova is not somewhere that I would have thought of as having culinary charm, but the food and wine pics look deeeeelish!"ilivetotravel.me

Moldova location

Eastern Europe


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Moldova at a glance

Leu (MDL)




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Trendy (4 of 5)

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Safe (68 / 100)

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Best itineraries

The itinerary starts in Romania, Eastern Europe. Bulgaria are the next countries.
The itinerary visits mainly very big cities. It is possible to go to many nature. You can enjoy museums, theaters and galleries at
Bucharest and Sofia. If you love to make party you will be happy at Bucharest and Sofia (Sofia in detail). The climate is snowy. Safe countries are chosen. During your travel you have to speak Romanian and Bulgarian but english should be enough for communication everywhere. There are one flight connection. These are Sofia - Chisinau. Leu and Lev are necessary to pay.

Top Moldova attractions

Things to do

Top Things To Do In Chișinău, Moldova

, a British blogger who has been traveling across 65 countries for more than 15 years. The capital of the Republic of Moldova sinc


Top Things To Do In Chișinău

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7 best places to visit in MOLDOVA

Curious about the best places to visit in Moldova? Then Moldova is one of the best options. To help you with the task of planning

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7 Offbeat Things To Do In Chisinau, Moldova

It's boring, I was told. The capital of Moldova, Chisinau, is ugly. Some said Moldova was "all right", but without much to see, a


Visit the flower market

What to see in Moldova beyond Chisinau

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Eat & drink

Where to Find the Best Food and Wine in Chisinau, Moldova

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to know the history, culture and diversity through food. Dining at traditiona


Where to Eat in Moldova

8 thoughts on “Where to Find the Best Food and Wine in Chisinau, Moldova”

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Food & Drink

One of the most fun ways of getting to know Moldova’s culture is through its delicious cuisine. Mămăligă is the national dish. It’

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The Food is Really Good

Moldovan cuisine has not surfaced on the global scale but you will definitely not be disappointed with the food, which has influen

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Worth to visit

Why Moldova?

Moldova is a fascinating land, entirely shaped by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the nationalistic views born from it. The U

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Why travel?

It’s easy as a traveller to focus on your own needs. You want to see the world, to understand what makes one country, one group of

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Why is Moldova so poor?

It’s a largely agricultural society plagued by corruption. Things seem to be changing now, though, with more connection with the w

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10 Reasons To Visit Moldova

. a couple of times, and every visit I have an amazing visit. With that said, there are plenty of reasons to visit Moldova (and e


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Visit Moldova”

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5 Unusual reasons to visit Moldova

If we look into the country statistics, figures vary largely across the internet, but, according to Business Intelligence for Sout


Conclusion and more reasons for visiting Moldova

5 good and unusual reasons to visit Moldova

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Ultimate Moldova Packing List: What to pack for Moldova for Women & Men

Are you planning a trip to Moldova and wondering what to bring with you? It includes what to wear in Moldova for women and men. He


Apps for Visiting Moldova

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Travel to Moldova - Tips + 12-day itinerary

. and Romania, the former Soviet Republic of Moldova is one of the least visited countries in Europe, if not the least. The count

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Travel diary: Moldova

” while on honeymoon in 2002, and since then it’s inspired a strange fascination in us. She’d organized a press trip for Moldovan

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February, 14 – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day – unofficial holiday that appeared in Moldova is relatively recent, but rapidly became popular, especially among y

valueofthemoment.com > Information > Cis Moldova D 1 84 D 0 B 5 D 1 81 D 1 82 D 0 B 8 D 0 B 2 D 0 B 0 D 0 Bb D 0 B 8 D 0 B 8 D 0 Bf D 1 80 D 0 B 0 D 0 B 7 D 0 B 4 D 0 Bd D 0 B 8 D 0 Ba D 0 B

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1. Moldova Is Budget-Friendly!

I’d have to say Moldova is the most inexpensive place I’ve visited in Europe. The food was cheap, the wine was cheap, the trinkets

adventuresoflilnicki.com > 10 Reasons To Visit Moldov

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Moldova Travel Budget

Moldova is one of the cheapest destinations to visit in Europe, especially with the opening up of several hostels in the country i

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Moldova, a country of contrasts

Despite its 3.5 million people, this is a country of extraordinary diversityand just when you think you've understood a thing or t

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Where to Stay in Moldova

Most people will base themselves in Chisinau (plan Chisinau itineraries), and use this to travel the city, taking day trips from Chisinau (more about Chisinau itineraries) to the rest of the c

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Where to Stay in Chisinau

If you’re planning a trip to see as much of the country as possible, it’s wise to make the capital city of Chisinau (plan Chisinau itineraries) your home base

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Stay Eco

. is a really unique property. The beds are called “lejanca” and have clay walls which are heated with fire inside. There’s also

girlabouttheglobe.com > Solo Travel In Moldov

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More about Moldova

Moldova is a landlocked country in southern Europe. It borders Romania and the Ukraine. It consists of hilly steppe land, drained by the Prut and Dnestr rivers; the latter privides access to the Black Sea through Ukrainian territory. Moldova has long hot summers and mild winters. The economy is mainly based on agriculture. Food processing and textiles are also important. The about 4.400.000 Moldovians live in an area of about 34.000 square kilometers and langauges spoken are Romania (plan Romania itineraries)n, Russian, Ukrainian and Gagauz. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau.