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"Chisinau (more about Chisinau) is a city of Oran (Oran itineraries)ge mobile company and money exchange points."thefamilywithoutborders.com
"Chisinau is not a well-known travel destination, but that is beginning to change as wine tourism gains popularity."universal-traveller.com
"Chisinau is a small friendly city with some great places to see."mywanderlust.pl
"Chisinau is still a place where I could spend some significant time."wanderingearl.com
"Chisinau (plan Chisinau itineraries) is probably one of Europe's least known capitals."sophiesworld.net
"Chisinau is considered one of the greenest cities in Europe, boasting more than a dozen parks."luggageandlipstick.com

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About Chisinau

The city (Moldova) Chisinau has a population of 635,994. Iasi is the nearest city. Chisinau (Chisinau in detail) is located in center Moldova. It gives you the possibility to relax next to by a lake.

Things to do

Things to do in Chisinau might not attract many, but that is why the capital of Moldova is even more unique. If you are in search of little visited capitals, Chisinau is the place to be. our travel plan needed to be change – no off-road exploration until the car is fixed, what will not be before home.

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It's boring, I was told. The capital of Moldova, Chisinau, is ugly. Some said Moldova was "all right", but without much to see, a country best dispensed with quickly. So I arrived with trepidation, kicking myself for having planned to stay a few extra days after my work. Each time I spotted a piece of broken or ...


Visit the flower market

What to see in Moldova beyond Chisinau

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In this post, I will tell you about our adventures during a weekend in Chisinau or Kishinev, the capital of Moldova. Read this post to find out why visit Moldova, what are the best things to do in Chisinau and how expensive is Moldova! On a sunny day in May, we boarded a plane from London to Moldova (plan Moldova itineraries) with high ...

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Chisinau (Chisinau in detail)is the capital of Moldova, Europe’s poorest country. And it is also Europe’s least visited capital. Before traveling there, I expected a run-down old grey Soviet city. But we’ve had some fun times in Moldova (visit Moldova itineraries) and there are plenty of things to do in Chisinau (Chisinau in detail) for tourists.


7 thoughts on “Things to do in Chisinau – Exploring Europe’s Least Visited Capital”

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Eat & drink

Another important question to cover: where to eat in Chisinau (plan Chisinau itineraries)? We have been to a couple of restaurants in Chisinau (more about Chisinau itineraries) and would recommend some in a heartbeat. Try local craft beers and BBQ ribs in the Smokehouse restaurant in the city centre of Chisinau. For local and ..

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This place does not scream Moldova (see itineraries)n cuisine but regardless I ended up eating here for five meals in three days. I consumed an excessive amount of hummous, fattoush salad, and chicken schwarma. The prices and service were great. It is located on Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard behind an Andy’s Pizza.

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No matter how great it is, we can’t live and work without the internet. Don’t worry, Chisinau (plan Chisinau itineraries) is very well connected. In fact, the Internet in Moldova (visit Moldova itineraries) is one of the fastest and cheapest in the world. It was definitely faster than most of the places in western ...


Q. Where and what to eat in Chisinau?

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This is the first cafe I found in Chisinau (Chisinau itineraries) on the morning I arrived, and it remained my favorite until I left. Turns out Tucano is a chain throughout Romania (see itineraries) and Chisinau (Chisinau itineraries), although this was the first one I had seen. They serve Puerto Rican coffee in a truly hipster setting. Their coffee is delicious, as is their ...


Bouchee Cafe

Uptown Cafe

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Worth to visit

By itself, Chisinau (see itineraries) is actually a really interesting city. But when you’ve already been to all the other popular cities in neighboring countries, it loses its novelty. The city is full of communistic architecture, parks, modern businesses and empty ruins. A lot of ruins! If I’d had more time, I would have loved ...

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Moldovans have a national language which is nearly identical to Romanian, although nationalist fires may burn hot under those who have the temerity to point this out (as I found out during this heated discussion on Facebook ...


Shop for Soviet memorabilia

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Despite its 3.5 million people, this is a country of extraordinary diversityand just when you think you've understood a thing or two, another layer of complexity appears. ...

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The ticket was really cheap – 40 Romania (Romania itineraries)n lei. Bring small notes just in case the driver doesn’t have change. ...

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Before we reached Chisinau (Chisinau itineraries), we booked a hotel room, as we did not want to drive around with the car and looking for a perfect place to stay. Our main criteria was the same as for Bucharest, Romania (plan Romania itineraries) . Hotels in Moldova are pretty expensive or in a very bad shape. Not many tourists come to this Moldovan capital.

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Chisinau offers a seriously great bang for your buck when it comes to staying in hotels and hostels here. I’m including a recommendation for hotels and hostels for each of the following budget categories: ...

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If you want a newer and more modern hotel, Best Western Flowers Hotel is a good option. If you are planning to stay longer than a few days and want to live like a local, rent an apartment...

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