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"Mongolia is special: culturally, historically, and geographically."dominicanabroad.com
"Mongolia is one of the most amazing and memorable places I have visited."globalhelpswap.com
"Mongolia is home to one of the world's few remaining nomadic cultures, with some 40 percent of the populatio."therover1.com
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At Mongolia (Eastern Asia) you will begin your itinerary. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park (Ulaanbaatar) is the highlight.
Mainly small cities are destinations. As a
Austria citizen you must get the valid visa before for Mongolia. Many cities are snowy in March. There are one flight connection. These are Choibalsan - Ulaanbaatar. During your travel you have to speak Mongolian . And if you speak only english it could be an adventure.

Things to do

If you are looking for an adventure on your next vacation? You can’t get any more adventurous than Mongolia! One – Find yourself a company that will take you on a trip in a Russia (visit Russia itineraries)n van! Other times, you are completely at the mercy of your driver, and his navigational, mechanical, and ..


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Mongolia is like no other place in the world. Not many vegetables grow in Mongolia, and the local cuisine is notorious for being primarily made up of fatty mutton. In a future post I'll share with you some of the delicious vegan Mongolian dishes that Ulzii cooked for us during out trip, but for now I want to show you ...

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Inside, the market building is divided in half. Food is to the left and non-food is to the right. Each of the sections is full of vendors stalls about 15 feet wide, and all the walls and stalls are painted stark white. The building isn’t very crowded, but I can imagine it gets packed with customers during rush hour.


Wandering in the Market

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From Mongolia to Papua New Guinea (more about Guinea), the islands of Borneo and Papua in Indonesia, and the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan, remote destinations and rarely explored regions extend exciting opportunities ready for the adventurous spirits. ...


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Mongolia Top Things to See and Do

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Eat & drink

There was another funny moment as we rolled into the area where Aisholpan’s family stayed. She had been away at school. And since her parents are nomadic in the summer, we couldn’t find them. She didn’t know where her house was – as it’s always moving. But, eventually we found them and they welcomed us in.

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I found Mongolian food to be good. It’s not very flavorful, which is surprising, since the Silk Road passed through Mongolia. I thought there would have been a culture of using spices. ...

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The families will feed you a small breakfastand a hearty dinner of meat and noodles or meat dumplings and of course more tea. We were on our own for lunch, though. ...

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Food is a quintessential part of culture. To appreciate Mongolia more, one must try their cuisine. Locals highly suggest you try buuz. It is a Mongolian mutton dumpling and is considered as the national dish of Mongolia. Mutton kebabs are also a must-try. Mongols also love their dried cheese biscuit called qurut or ...

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Worth to visit

It turns out, not many people outside of Asia knows about Mongolia. If you are one of those that do know about this country in East Asia, good for you. Mongolia is a landlocked country that is rich in culture and history. But where is Mongolia exactly? Mongolia is sandwiched between China to the south and ..

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Lake Khuvsgul, sometimes transliterated as Lake Hovsgol, is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia and is the source of 70 percent of Mongolia’s fresh drinking water. In this article, I’ll share with you my honest opinion about whether you should include the lake on your list of things to do in Mongolia , Khuvsgul ...

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With more and more of us living in cities we sometimes forget how important it is to be around nature. There are countless studies out there that prove that when we are around nature we become more relaxed, get more creative and are generally happier. With thousands of lakes, acres of forests and ..

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Mongolia is a country not many people know much about. For me, that is the fascinating part and one of the reasons why I really wanted to explore this country. It is remote, densely populated and largely off the mass-tourism trail. Despite of the short summers and ..


Nomadic Cultures

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. for full disclosure. Mongolia took us by surprise. We knew there were amazing things to do there, but we had no idea just how many. Every part of the country has something special to offer and it is huge. If we can impart once piece of general advice for travel to this country, it would be to give yourself enough time.

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Lake Khuvsgul, sometimes transliterated as Lake Hovsgol, is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia and is the source of 70 percent of Mongolia’s fresh drinking water. The lake is very special to the Mongolian people and is often billed by local tourism agencies as a must-see sight.

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8. Travel with enough US Dollars in hand – I guarantee you will use them for bribes and to get out of sticky situations like a car crash ! Still, you will use them for most common expenses like visas, hotels, and other daily purchases. ...


A Few Mongol Rally Updates

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Mongolia is a beautiful country, and the landscape is outstanding. During May, the days are long and the light is gorgeous during the morning and evening. It’s ideal for photography! This page of Mongolia photographs allows for easy viewing. For further information, please see my Comprehensive Mongolia Travel blog ...

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Thank you for your blog on Mongolia. Since your iternary was for 3 weeks can you help me with places I can avoid and reduce it to 2 weeks. However, there was 4 of us in the car, so the cost will likely be higher if you are traveling on your own. Thank you for this great post. Thank you in advance for your help! ...


It is possible to check out all the destinations on this Mongolia itinerary in just 2 weeks

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Below I break down my expenses during the rally. The numbers below only reflect what I paid. For a total, multiply by 3 to know how much it could cost per team. ...

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Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace– This best-awarded hotel consists of a large number of rooms and suites and is located in the city’s metropolis district. Its buffet breakfast is most popular among the guests. ...

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