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"Tangier: Cruise back to Europe on your return ferry."stridetravel.com
"Tangier is a great place to start your journey through Morocco."lesterlost.com
"Tangier is the first exposure to Africa for so many tourists and if this were my first dose of Africa I would be loath to go explore more of it."apairoftravelpants.com
"Tangier is a thriving and interesting city, with a multicultural identity and a relaxed lifestyle."lesterlost.com
"Tangier is a popular destination for day trips from Spain and is a good entry point to Morocco."lesterlost.com
"Tangier is an approx 3."vagrantsoftheworld.com

East Morocco

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Ibn Batouta Airport (TNG)

Gibraltar Airport (GIB)

Sania Ramel Airport (TTU)

Ceuta Heliport (JCU)

About Tangier

Tangier is a city (Morocco) with a population of 688,356. Enjoy the beautiful beaches at Tangier. The nearest neighbour city is Tetouan. Tangier is located in north Morocco.

Things to do

How to renew your travel visa for Morocco - sunset in Tangier - Journal of Nomads How to renew your travel visa for Morocco - suns


1) Top Things to see and do in Tangier in one day

8. Markets in Tangier – Grand Socco Market & Berber Farmer Market

3. The Market on Rue de Fes

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The Tanger medina is the MOST visited attraction in the city. Rightly so, as you will find alleys of Moroccan culture and history


See the Port of Tangier

Explore the Place du Grand 9 April Square – Rue Naciria Medina

Explore the Tangier Kasbah Square – Kasbah de Tangier

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Tangier is located in northern Morocco. The port city of Tangier is currently in full growth. Because this still is the best place


Things to do in Tangier

What to do in Tangier for a day

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Eat & drink

In its prior life, this was Hopkin’s Bros. General Store. It’s now home to “musical chef” Johny Mo. Nosh on local oysters, salads,

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A beautiful little cafe set into the side of a cliff, this place is a MUST visit in Tangier. There are a few things you should be

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We scoured the old medina looking for tasty treats to gush over back home. ...

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Worth to visit

If you're nearby than certainly it's well worth a visit as it has a distinctly unique feel you won't find elsewhere in Morocco. Ho

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What should you expect on the ferry from Morocco to Spain. Honestly, not much. It’s not very exciting. I hoped the ferry would be

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By exploring all the best places to visit in Tangier, you’ll not only get a well-rounded look at the city, but you’ll also find yo


The Perfect 1-Day Tangier Itinerary

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This article is a list of the best and cheapest accommodation in Tangier. Whether you just want to save money or you are backpacki

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A quiet place in the middle of the action seems impossible, but try The Tangerina and see for yourself. ...

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Planning on spending a night or two in Tangier? Then you'll be looking for a riad or hotel to sleep. There are many choices howeve

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