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This itinerary shows you a bit of Nepal and it is a roundtrip from Varanasi.
During your travel you have to speak Nepali. English should be enough for communication everywhere.
At Eastern Asia, more precisely South Korea (more about South Korea), you will begin your itinerary and it is a roundtrip from Kathmandu.
The itinerary visits mainly very big cities. Do you like museums? Then you will enjoy
Seoul and Busan. At Seoul (visit Seoul itineraries) and Busan you can enjoy nightlife. As a Nepal citizen you must get the valid visa before for South Korea. During your travel you have to speak Korean. English should be enough for communication everywhere. These flight connections are taken during this route: Kathmandu - Seoul and Busan - Kathmandu. You can pay with Won everywhere. If your passport is from Nepal and you use the power sockets type C/D / M, then you would still need: F.
This itinerary proceeds through Nepal (Southern Asia). The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
For in Nepal it is possible to request the visa on arrival. During your travel you have to speak Nepali but english should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Nepalese Rupee everywhere.

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From food & attractions to money & day trips, find out everything else you need to know about visiting the beating heart of Nepal. ...

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Nepal is one of the best places to do many awesome and memorable things. Kabru North in Nepal is the third highest virgin peak wit

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Keep one eye open for mammals and creatures as you admire your majestic elephant ride, safari tour, or canoe ride through Chitwan

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Eat & drink

From the moment you set foot in Nepal, all of your senses come alive. And if you wish, you can retreat from the buzzing streets in

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We fell in love with the charming city by the lake and had a good timeeating at the many great cafés and restaurants. Find all of


eating at the many great cafés and restaurants

Umbrella Cafe

Nepali foods

Ayurvedico Cafe

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Patan, a small city, just a half hour drive outside of Kathmandu is known for it’s beautiful architecture. Here are my picks for t


Best Upscale Restaurant

Best Coffee

Best Nepali Food

Best Bar Food

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Worth to visit

I think we all question whether or not something is worth the hype, but we were so surprised at how beautiful the view from Chandr

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The idea that a “developing country” who depends on a healthy percentage of tourists arriving as one of their main Gross domestic

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Coming to Nepal was a last-minute thing. I knew I needed new hiking boots again, but I’d not seen anything resembling quality in T

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Here is the next inspiring destination for you! Today, my friend Polly will share 10 reasons to visit Nepal in 2019. Enjoy! Nepal

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Nepal’s history dates back more than 2,500 years. But much of that ancient history is unknown. Many of the UNESCO sites worth visi

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6 tips for first time female solo traveler Nepal should know before visiting: Generally, Nepal is safe for solo female traveler.


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Female solo traveler should Know everything

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1 Nepal is still one of my favorite countries to visit. It was the very first destination of my five-month backpacking adventure i

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Long trips to Nepal are the best way to get the most from this great country. I’ve had great people from Malaysia (see itineraries) and India (plan India itineraries) wantin


14 Day “Silver Triangle” Itinerary

14 Day “Golden Loop” Itinerary

February to April

The Golden Loop itinerary includes

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I’ve always suggested taking a long trip to Nepal (if you have longer, see my two week itineraries for Nepal With new budget airli


February to April

7 day adventure sport activity itinerary in Nepal

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I’d heard a large variety of answers when I asked people what the Annapurna Circuit cost. Lucky for me, I met a pro navigator who

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Mera Peak in Nepal is one of the highestclimbing peaks in the world. The Mera peak climb takes you to


Mera Peak Permit Cost

Mira Peak Weather cost:

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Nepal has a near-monopoly over this activity. Nowhere else on the planet you can experience this flight. If you are in Nepal for a

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. in Meghauli village. Keeping in line with the Pugdundee ideology, the property is eco friendly, environment-conscious, uses loc

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It’s just been a couple of years when Homestay in Nepal became the heart of the local economy. It provides a closer look at the li

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Since a couple of years, homestay is getting very popular in Nepal for their hospitality and management. Here is the list of famou


Ghandruk homestay:

Panauti Homestay Bhaktapur:

Balthali Village homestay Bhaktapur:

Sirubari homestay Nepal:

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