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"Netherlands: Experiencing the Dutch Countryside."travelalphas.com
"Netherlands is included there too:)."europediaries.com
"Netherlands is a cycling city."goworldtravel.com
"Netherlands: Experiencing the Dutch Countryside ."travelalphas.com
"Netherlands is the city of cheese."dutchdutchgoose.com
"Netherlands is well connected by public transport and a short 30 minute train ride will bring you to The Hague."bruisedpassports.com

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Best itineraries

This itinerary brings you through Netherlands, Western Europe.
You find a lot of museums, theaters and galleries at
Amsterdam (plan Amsterdam itineraries), The Hague and Rotterdam. The climate is cold. During your travel you have to speak Dutch but english should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Euros everywhere.
The itinerary starts in France (France in detail) (Western Europe). Belgium and Netherlands are the next countries. Most popular parts are Paris and Amsterdam.
Do you like nightlife? Then you will enjoy
Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Because of the countries , it will be an expensive trip. Safe countries are chosen. Many cities are cold in April. During your travel you have to speak French and Dutch. English should be enough for communication everywhere.
At Netherlands, Western Europe, the itinerary will begin. Belgium (Belgium in detail) and France are the next countries.
Do you like museums? Then you will enjoy
Amsterdam (plan Amsterdam itineraries), Paris (plan Paris itineraries) and The Hague. Do you like nightlife? Then you will enjoy Amsterdam (Amsterdam itineraries) and Paris (plan Paris itineraries). Because of the countries , it will be an expensive trip. The climate is cold. During your travel you have to speak Dutch and French but english should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Euros everywhere.

Things to do

Zutphen is a great place to just wander around and let yourself be surprised by the many beautiful houses and fun little boutiques. ...


Things to do in Doesburg

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5 Best Places to See Tulips in The Netherlands 5 BEST PLACES TO SEE TULIPS IN THE NETHERLANDS Often referred to as the flower shop

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This place is highly worthy of a visit all on its own, and here we have mentioned top things to do in the Netherlands. So make a c

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Eat & drink

In a utopian world, I would tell you to dine at, De Librije (more about this three-star Michelin restaurant in my next Zwolle arti

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There have beenmany debates about this in the various expat forums, however, KUA in Rotterdam ...

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. is a bistro with an open kitchen and a seating area both on the ground floor and the first floor. They serve an all-day breakfa


7. Grab a coffee at Coffee Together

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Worth to visit

I’ve said it before and I will continue saying it: There’s more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam! Yes, I know. Amsterdam’s fun! M

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. and elsewhere and somehow it took this long to finally visit Valkenburg. Valkenburg is a really charming city break, especially

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This was our first trip for a long time! The anticipation was huge :) And as for us, the whole trip was without any problems and w

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Want to experience the Netherlands like a local? These 7 Dutch traditions will give you an up-close look at Dutch culture. As reco

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Phone from the Netherlands showing useful Dutch phone apps that are helpful for expats in the Netherlands Phone from the Netherlan

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Now, I enjoy the pleasure of seeing the first spring bulbs emerging through the soil in my garden, but the feat of planting over 7


A few more tulips

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Venture around the country by road and you’ll discover picture postcard villages, modern bridges spanning 5 kilometres and excitin

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Are you planning your trip to The Netherlands and wondering what to put on your itinerary? This 7-day itinerary covers the top thi


7 Day Itinerary for The Netherlands

Extending Your Itinerary For The Netherlands

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This itinerary does not include the usual Dutch cities that are considered to be must-sees if you are visiting the Netherlands. In

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You can spend as much or as little as you wish based on the activities you choose. Seeing the exterior of the buildings and the mi

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Diesel is a little cheaper in the Netherlands than in the UK at about €1.38 per litre. Unlike the UK however, diesel is still much


Money saving tips for the Netherlands

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The stroopwafel is like a waffle sandwich stuck together with caramel syrupy goodness. Basically it’s a chewy cookie that was fi

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Considering we were in the largest port in Europe where better to stay then a cruise ship? ...

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The last time I stayed in Amsterdam (plan Amsterdam itineraries), it was at The Manor. You can also go to Booking.com for an extensive list of options for all

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More about Netherlands

The Netherlands is a a country in western Europe on the North Sea. The land is flat and low-lying. The climate is temperate. Horticulture and diary farming are important. It is the leading producer of natural gas from the North Sea. Economy is mainly based on international trade and manufacturing. The 16.100.000 inhabitants live in an area of about 42.000 square kilometers. The language spoken is Dutch; most of the population has a working knowledge of English. In the larger cities also Turkish, Moroccan, Chinese and Papiamento can be heard. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam (Amsterdam itineraries).