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"Delft is a town famous for its tableware pottery with a traditional blue & white painted dutch landscapes, windmills and canals."mowgli-adventures.com
"Delft is also home to its fair share of interesting city scenery."roadaffair.com
"Delft is like Amsterdam (plan Amsterdam itineraries), but without dirt, vice and fuss."mindthetravel.com
"Delft is a beautiful city and I seriously did look at houses in the historic."wanderlustingk.com
"Delft is also known for its famous blue and white china that became well-known on the international level."annaeverywhere.com
"Delft is a proper picturesque city that has a shed load of history, especially when it comes to art and pottery."handluggageonly.co.uk

Middle Netherlands

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Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

About Delft

At Delftin the country Netherlands live about over 95,060 people. Delft is located next to lakes. The Hague is the nearest city. Delft is located in the east of Netherlands. Delft provides a lot of culture.

Things to do

A great little post from Trudy about what to do in Delft and some things you can get up to, from the main sights to secret tucked-

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With the lovely City Hall, the new church Nieuwe Kerk, cheese shops, Delft’s pottery shops, restaurants, cafes and behind the corn

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Photo of City Hall in Delft. If you’re visiting Delft, the city hall in Delft is a must-see in Delft and definitely be sure to put


Local Dinner in Delft

Explore the Beestenmarkt

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Eat & drink

As we were walking along taking photos of the charming streets, I saw a chocolate shop. Immediately I made a bee-line for it. Not

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If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to go to a Delftware shop for the real thing. I recommend shopping the antiques flea market

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Tucked away just a couple of streets over from the Markt at Kromstraat 33, Bebop is the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon if yo

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A visit to Delft is easy to combine with visiting other parts of The Netherlands. In this part, we tell you more about our recomme


One Day Itinerary – Time Table

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I didn’t include the Royal Delft Factoryas it’s a bit outside of the city (about one mi

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Long-stays can be really helpful to travelers. If you pick the right town for your long stay, you can explore more than just the b

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Personally, I think the joy of Delft is enjoying the scenic canals at sunset, which is why I recommend staying at least one night

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