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"Haarlem is a quick and easy escape from the chaos of bicycles and tourists in Amsterdam (Amsterdam itineraries)."aworldinreach.com
"Haarlem is the little brother of Amsterdam and a perfect start to a road trip in the Netherlands."mowgli-adventures.com
"Haarlem is a more popular destination for tourists only 15 minutes from Amsterdam."gomadnomad.com
"Haarlem is Amsterdam on a smaller scale with the most impressive cathedral in the Netherlands."travelinntour.com
"Haarlem is our hometown so we know all the ins and outs of this charming Dutch city."flipflopglobetrotters.com
"Haarlem is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam."wanderlustmarriage.com

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM)

Lelystad Airport (LEY)

About Haarlem

Haarlem is a town (Netherlands) with over 159,556 people. Further Haarlem gives you the possibility to relax atby a lake. Amsterdam (more about Amsterdam itineraries) is the name of the nearest big city. Further Haarlem is located in the center of Netherlands (Netherlands in detail).

Things to do

Haarlem is a neighbouring city to Amsterdam (plan Amsterdam itineraries) and is the capital of the North Holland province. The history of this city dates back


3. Haarlem hofjes – Haarlem things to do

What to do in Haarlem

2. What to do in Haarlem

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. to get discounts on entrance into many of the museums and attractions as well as discounts on public transport. It can be order


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. offered to share a list of things to do in her city of Haarlem. If you’re staying in Amsterdam (plan Amsterdam itineraries) and want to see a bit more of Ho

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Eat & drink

The apartment itself was great, on the ground floor of a brownstone walkup. The street was quiet. Patsy’s was one of the exception

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What to do in Haarlem and where to go for the best meals and drinks? There are more than two hundred restaurants and bars in Haarl

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Westhoff is a cozy coworking spaceand cafe that serves up a mean latte. The atmosphere is quiet yet charm

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Worth to visit

. that took the internet by storm a couple of years ago. Haarlem and the Harlem Shake are not related in any way. Now that we’ve

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The people in Haarlem are very friendly and modern. They always wear trendy clothes, and a lot of people in Haarlem are creative.

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Lu Reid, 58, has been a resident of Harlem since birth. A school teacher by day, he doubles as a jazz trumpet player and band lead

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Almost all the Dutch houses in Haarlem city center have small boutique shops, bakeries, and antique shops on the ground floor. How

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Within the Grote Market is De Hallen which is full of contemporary artwork waiting to be discovered. Each piece is moving and soci

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High quality apartments. From what I’ve seen, most apartments in this neighborhood are either in newly renovated buildings or well

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Did you know that using Airbnb is illegal in most circumstances in New York City? You probably don’t, because Airbnb refuses to en

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, so if you’re looking to save money while visiting Amsterdam (plan Amsterdam itineraries), Haarlem is a great option. For those on a budget, I’ve heard great

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Harlem is a great neighborhood to stay in. Prices are much cheaper than downtown, there are lots of excellent hotels, and dependin


What about Airbnbs in Harlem?

Harlem is a great neighborhood to stay in.

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