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"Moyogalpa is at the base of Volcano Concepcion so the ride to La Via Verde had us snaking around the base of Concepcion, across the isthmus, and around the base of Volcano Maderas."thisbigwildworld.com
"Moyogalpa is the main "hub" of Ometepe, it's the port hub and it's also got some great restaurants."dreambigtravelfarblog.com
"Moyogalpa is a small village where the ferry comes in from Rivas on Ometepe Island."travelingted.com
"Moyogalpa is a typical congested and lively ferry terminal."thisbigwildworld.com
"Moyogalpa is the largest town on the island and there are heaps of accommodation options around here as well as shops and food and drink places."matt-burns.com
"Moyogalpa is an amazing place to start, as it is the hub for tourism here."nomadicmatt.com

South Nicaragua

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Costa Esmeralda Airport (ECI)

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The village Moyogalpa has a population of 3,940. Moyogalpa gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next to by a lake. Moyogalpa is located in center Nicaragua. The nearest neighbour city of Moyogalpa is Rivas.