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. as, during the Ottoman period, Jews would go there and lament the destruction of the previously destroyed Temple Mount. ...


Things to see in Jenin

Things to see in Zababdeh

Things to do in Nablus – Highlights

Things to do in Jericho – Highlights

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Eat & drink

, Palestine is a Mediterranean country whose cuisine goes far beyond just shawarma and falafels, as many people believe. ...

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Before traveling to Palestine, I had heard so many horror stories about Palestinian food: ...

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Prior to 1948, the current state of Israel was home to many Palestinians, meaning that they used to live along the Mediterranean c

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From green rolling hills to a Mediterranean culture and cuisine, the hospitality of the Arabs, first-class souks, historical citie


Visiting Palestine: A 2-week backpacking itinerary through the West Bank

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Once nice thing about traveling in Palestine, or the region in general, is that things are very close together. This is by no mean


A One Week Palestine Travel Itinerary

Some Final Thoughts for you Palestine travel itinerary

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You will be surprised if I tell you that the West Bank is not a budget backpacking destination, with similar prices to Greece (plan Greece itineraries) and

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I arrived to the Walled Off Hotel earlier in the morning, the tour buses had not yet arrived. An early morning trip is what I reco

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Backpacker’s Hostel – Hostel Hebron – The most popular hostel in Hebron. With a set of pretty new facilities and awesome reviews,

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Budget Hostel – Abraham Hostel – One of the most famous hostels in Jerusalem. Located in the center of the new part of the city, t


Where to stay in Zababdeh

Where to stay in Hebron

Where to stay in Nablus

Where to stay in Jericho

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