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"Boquete is a starting point of a fascinating 7-hour journey to the Baru volcano, which is the highest summit of the country."globalgrasshopper.com
"Boquete is a little mountain town and a large expat community within Panama."adventuresnsunsets.com
"Boquete is a quiet mountain town that's received a lot of attention for its beautiful scenery and world class coffee."charlieontravel.com
"Boquete is one of the main tourism attractions in Panama (plan Panama itineraries) due to its beautiful mountains and landscapes, comfortable weather, coffee farms and much more."oneworld365.org
"Boquete is also one of the best places to spot the famous Resplendent Quetzal bird in the canopy of the many forests."journeyera.com
"Boquete is not just a popular spot for Panamanians and tourists."whereverimayroamblog.com

Southwest Panama

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Ruben Cantu Airport (SYP)

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At Boquete live 6,123 people. Furthermore, this village is in the south of Panama (more about Panama). The nearest city of Boquete is David.

Things to do

. for those that love outdoor adventure, with volcano hikes, coffee tours, waterfalls, zip-lining, cloud forests, and more. It’s also home to a pretty epic castle you can sleep in. And yes, it’s affordable to stay there. Read on to find out where to stay in Boquete and the best things to do there.

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Even though Bocas del Toro is the name of the province, the archipelago and the main town, when people say they’re going to Bocas, they usually mean the small tourist town on Isla Colon. Bocas del Toro town is a hub of activity. The town is a hodgepodge of budget hotels and hostels as well as western restaurants and ..

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In addition to sterilizing the cats and dogs, we administer B12 injections for faster healing, Endovet as an anti-parasite medicine, Pendistrep, and pain medicine to help the animals through the first three or four days. Additionally, our volunteers clean the fleas and ..

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Eat & drink

With the influx of expats, the restaurant scene has flourished with a variety of quality restaurants. You can expect western style portions and service at Central American prices. Our personal favorite Boquete restaurant was Big Daddy’s Grill ...

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While Boquete is more of an ecotourism destination than a culinary hotspot, there are a few really good restaurant choices. While Central America is notoriously tough on veggies like myself, I found that Boquetehad surprisingly MANY options for finding healthy vegetarian options.

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How I got there: We paid $15 for a tourist shuttle from Santa Catalina to Santiago (see itineraries), where we caught a bus to David for $9. From there we squeezed into an old school bus for a $2 ride to Boquete. In total it took about nine hours. Bonus Tip: If you’re planning to rent a motorcycle, pay more for on of higher quality.

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— you can also check out this list of top-rated yet affordable hiking backpacks for under $100 ...

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Habla Ya can arrange one for you, based on your requirements. Homestay are the cheapestoption for accommodation in Boquete. Most include at least one meal a day (all the way up to every meal each ...

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