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"David is basically a massive bus station with people walking every which way and many trying to sell you things."adventuresnsunsets.com
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Southwest Panama

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Enrique Malek International Airport (DAV)

Coto 47 Airport (OTR)

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David is a town in Panama with a population of 81,957. In addition, David is in east Panama. Cartago is the nearest big city.

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Nordegg, Alberta is a hidden gem located along the David Thompson Corridor in the Canadian Rockies Mountains If you are searching for an off the beaten path destination and a quieter alternative to Banff or Jasper National Park you will find that area around Nordegg is ripe for exploration.

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The first time I visited Denman Island I knew within days that it was special. But this time around I did the same, catching the Denman Island ferry and hitching over the island to travel on to Hornby. Denman Island had a different feel to it compared to when I had spent time there in autumn a couple of years ago The ...

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The Photographing Tourist was written to be a timeless book that includes traveling as a photographer as well as the techniques of travel photography. You will learn to think differently about travel and photography, and how to investigate a destination as part of the human condition.

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A tour with Tribeca Sailing can easily be combined with visiting some of the best attractions in Lower Manhattan: ...

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Eat & drink

When we surfaced, right ahead of us was the Macabuca Tiki Bar. It was easy to exit up the ladder in the rocks. ...

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He shared his flat with Iggy Pop, and both of them spent a load of time on a beautiful gay-friendly cafe next door. Anderes Ufer back in the day and Neues Ufer ...

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On the return drive we stopped for a late lunch at the Oasis Café in Udabo village, our first dip into proper local rural cuisine. Our friends ordered an array of their favourite dishes, including a bean stew, katchapuri and some tasty fresh baked bread. The village was an attraction in itself, horses and ..

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Great Yarmouth is the biggest seaside resort in Norfolk. There is so much to do here! There’s sandy beaches, a pier with rides plus other rides nearby at The Pleasure beach, plus a smaller one for young kids called Joyland. There’s a really fun model village, sealife centre, wildlife gardens and much more.

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We also walked from Mt Sonder to Alice Springs, traditionally its the other way however, we noted a couple of sections that were easier in our direction, also arriving into Redbank Gorge can be done direct from a flight into Alice Springs with time to pitch camp then hike up to Mt Sonder for sunset.

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. you need to appreciate your travel experience and make the most of the thirty minutes, hour, or two hours you have before moving on to the next location. ...

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Years of travelling have made Helen and David a valuable source of knowledge when it comes to life on the road. ...

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David Noyes, author of The Photographing Tourist: A Storyteller's Guide to Travel and Photography ...

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There are several good hotels in Karen and Langata. Karen is a great place to base yourself for a trip to Nairobi. You have easy access to the National Park, the Giraffe Centre is here as well as a ton of good restaurants and bars. ...

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