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Erie International Tom Ridge Field (ERI)

Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport (JHW)

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Erie is a village. Besides the nearest city of Erie is Grimsby. It offers you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next to by a lake. Besides Erie is located in north Panama.

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Erie, Pennsylvania sits on the soustheast shore of Lake Erie, offering year-round attractions for families. From the indoor water park to museums, from the beach at Presque Isle State Park to the Tall Ships festival, this town has a little bit of everything. This post includes a list of Erie's best restaurants and ..

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— the roller coaster capital of the world on Lake Erie Shores and Islands! But, there are so many more things to do in Sandusky, Ohio. As a kid, I didn’t know it. We live in North Carolina now, and our kids didn’t know the excitement of Cedar Point — though, they knew the stories! So, we decided to take a vacation to ...


Things to do in Sandusky, Ohio with teens

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. serves up incredible eats and drinks inspired by the South and Caribbean. What should you try? The Crabmeat Hushpuppies and Cajun Herb Dip with pita chips are excellent sharing dishes for the table. ...

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We intentionally travelled mid-week and soon after many services had just re-opened. Most of the towns we visited were big summer tourist spots. And we wanted to start our discovery with what might be the best case scenario. ...

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Eat & drink

We were visiting an aunt who had moved there for work with her husband. It was the middle of summer, the July sun complimenting the golden landscape of wheat fields that surrounded us. My memories are much like one you would see in an idyllic portrayal of middle America. My aunt lived in an old house with wooden ...

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There are lots of restaurants in Sandusky, Ohio — from pizza to fancy and everything in between. ...

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. in Port Burwell had the best menu of ice cream we saw in a while. Both small businesses offered safe physical distancing experiences. Staff were happy to be working. And we were even able to pay with cash. ...

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I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog :: 9 Reasons Why I Wish I Visited Erie Pennsylvania Sooner Growing up in the Niagara area, a trip to the United States was not uncommon. Whether it was for a hockey game or a girls shopping trip, a trip across the border was a great change in scenery. However, these trips were to New York ...


Reason 4: The Gorgeous Sunsets

Reason 3: Escaping to Nature is Easy

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Within the sanctuary, you’ll find the Joe Pulliam Memorial Garden which is a Monarch butterfly way station that attracts and supports butterflies as they make their way across North America. ...

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. is perfect for a weekend getaway. The Triangle Cabin boasts rustic details like exposed beams and a wood-burning stove. You’ll also enjoy two outdoor patios, one upstairs and one downstairs. The surrounding wooded lot contains wildflowers, blackberries, and raspberries ripe for picking.

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From cabins to urban getaways to treehouses to lake houses, these are the coolest and most unique Airbnb stays in Ohio. Some of these are worth traveling for in and of themselves! ...


Best urban finds on Airbnb in Ohio

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All the major hotel chains have a presence in Erie, so when looking for hotels in Erie, you’ve got lots to choose from. ...

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