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"Volcan is beautiful and you will marvel over the green vistas and rolling mountains that go on for miles."whereverimayroamblog.com

Southwest Panama

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2-3 nights


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Around Volcan


Enrique Malek International Airport (DAV)

Coto 47 Airport (OTR)

Golfito Airport (GLF)

About Volcan

Volcan is a village (Panama) with a population of 10,286. And the nearest neighbour city is David. This village is located in east Panama (Panama in detail).

Things to do

While are talking about Santa Ana, let’s take a look at the attractions in the city – after all, its one of the most popular place

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If you are doing an overnight trek, you will needcamping gear. No worries, all of the tour agencies offer tents, sleeping pads and

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Eat & drink

Stop for coffee at the world-famous premium Arabica Janson Coffee Farm. Take a coffee tour or simply unwind on the beautiful groun

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This led many local entrepreneurs to divert their investments to San Salvador, to which this trend continues today. ...


outstanding views of both volcanoes and Lago de Coatepeque

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Each side has a fridge, stove, sink, and drying rack. In the drawers along the window you will find all the cooking accessories, w

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My guide, Dimas, cut a walking stick down to size for me to help navigate the muddy trail conditions on Volcan Maderas. ...

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Most volcano climbs start in forested terrain. Still there might be quite some sections with volcanic sand. The higher parts of th

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Wie voor lange tijd op reis gaat, zal niet alleen denken aan hoe hij misschien geld zal verdienen onderweg, maar ook wat hij met z

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