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"Papua New Guinea is not an easy place to get to, and scuba diving is not cheap."theadventurejunkies.com
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What you’ll eat in Papua New Guinea

It’s all about the local produce when you travel to PNG, which basically amounts to sweet potatoes and veggies, along with rice an

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Food in Papua New Guinea

‘). But between bolognaise, meatballs, baked fish, breaded chicken, undercooked potatoes and salty veg, I don’t really have much t

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11 Tips You Need for Travelling to Papua New Guinea

There’s not much information online about travelling to Papua New Guinea is there? I mean, compared to most of the rest of the wor

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10 Papua New Guinea Facts: Trivia to Know About the Country & People

Summary: Want a few Papua New Guinea (plan Guinea itineraries) facts? Whether to learn about the food, culture, history, or other fun facts about Papua New

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The cultural shows

I visited six different villages in the Highlands, each with their own traditional shows. I had someone ask me on Instagram Storie


Should you go to Papua New Guinea?

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