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"Asuncion is a very walkable city, very quiet and easy to navigate."globalgaz.com
"Asuncion is a city with pockets of activity and areas of isolation with such large contrast, you can feel like you're in a big, bustling city or ghost town, all within a few blocks."foxnomad.com
"Asuncion is a sleepy, laid back town with a lack of tourists."globalgaz.com
"Asuncion is the capital city of a country I've described as affectionately weird - one of the reasons you should travel to Paraguay (see itineraries)."foxnomad.com
"Asuncion is the best place for good restaurants with a decent vegetarian selection."neverendingvoyage.com
"Asuncion is the capital and economic hub of Paraguay."projectinspo.com

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Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU)

About Asuncion

At Asuncionin the country Paraguay live 1,482,200 people. In addition, this big city is located in the east of Paraguay (more about Paraguay). It is the famous capital of Paraguay. In addition, it contains a lot of interesting culture. Asuncion is located next to lakes.

Things to do

When you start planning your South American journey of wonders, chances are that you are not really interested in visiting Paragua


Things to Do and See in Asuncion, Paraguay #01: Explore the Historical Old Town

Things to Do and See in Asuncion, Paraguay #04: Drink Terere, the Cold Mate

Things to Do and See in Asuncion, Paraguay #05: Visit the Basilica of Caacupe

Things to Do and See in Asuncion, Paraguay #02: Learn a Few Words in Guarani Language

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If you like the idea of visiting a different part of South America, then a trip to Paraguay (plan Paraguay itineraries) should be high up on your list of thin

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Say you never heard of Paraguay? Don't worry, you didn’t miss much. Paraguay is a country in the heart of South America and after


what exactly are the things to do in Paraguay

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Eat & drink

Paraguay (plan Paraguay itineraries) Restaurant and Food Guide for Vegans and Healthy Eaters - LOOKING FOR SOMETHING? If you’ve ever eaten in a Paraguay (more about Paraguay itineraries)an res


Vegan Paraguayan Restaurant and Food Guide

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Eateries in Asunción

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The people of Paraguay (plan Paraguay itineraries) have shown astounding resiliency in maintaining their cultural heritage after fighting two major wars, whic

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Worth to visit

For one, the people here are very welcoming and friendly. They make it nice and easy for you to relax and enjoy yourself, removing

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. is just around the corner. Paraguay, situated in one of the most beautiful regions of South America, is a natural paradise that

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The delivery: something much worse than the boat and another adventure for which we were unprepared. ...

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Paraguay’s architecture remained vastly underdeveloped until the 18th century due to its lack of mineral resources. ...

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The cities in Paraguay (plan Paraguay itineraries) are not the country’s most interesting places but it is inevitable that you will pass through a few of them

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Drone aerial photo of the ruins of Jesuit missions in Paraguay. This one is the mission of Jesus de Tavarangue Drone aerial photo

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Asuncion is still very up and coming when it comes to accommodation for luxury and budget travelers alike since most of the option

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