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"Lima is a dynamic mix of modern skyscrapers and colonial-era architecture."thelostbackpack.com
"Lima (more about Lima) is famous for its food scene, Spanish history, and pre-colonial cities."wanderingwagars.com
"Lima is rich in history and even those with limited interest in yesteryear will find something of note in the Larco Museum."traveltorecovery.com
"Lima (see itineraries) is amazing for food and David's tour really brought that home."thetravelbunny.com
"Lima (Lima itineraries) is a sparkling city with a beach, plenty of shopping malls, fancy restaurants and also a great historic center."thatwanderlust.com
"Lima is one of the most historically rich capitals in the world."aworldtotravel.com

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About Lima

At Lima (more about Lima itineraries)in Peru (see itineraries) live 7,605,742 people. Also the capital of Peru is Lima (more about Lima itineraries). Lima offers a lot of culture. This world city is in center Peru.

Things to do

Top 12 Things to Do in Lima

There is no city in South America that I have visited as often as Lima. From there, we explored as much of Lima as we could. They

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Best things to do in Lima Peru

Curious about the ultimate Lima highlights? Like many South American cities, Lima Peru is a city of contrasts. Lima is the capital

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Top Things To Do In Ponte de Lima, Portugal's Oldest & Most Charming Town

Ponte de Lima charmed me at first sight. When I revisited a couple of years later, Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries)’s oldest town nestled itself deep insi

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Eat & drink

Where to eat in Lima, Peru

Punto Azul best place to try local delights - Pic by Roz from Irish Nomads , Machu Picchu is probably what comes to mind first. Th

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What to Eat in Lima, Peru

When we visit a museum or a national monument, we get a sense of a country's past and cultural traditions, but to truly grasp the

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The Best Restaurants in Lima, Peru

Pin It! Lima, according to recent rankings, is known as the best food city in South America. By some accounts, it may even be the


Breakfast Options

The Best Restaurants in Lima

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Flavors of Peru- 14 authentic dishes you should try

Peru has exploded onto the scene as the gastronomic capital of South America. Famous chefs and 5 star restaurants in Lima have cer

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Achtergrond informatie

Lima werd op 18 januari 1535 gesticht door de Spaanse veroveraar Francisco de Pizarro en was lang de hoofdstad van de Spaanse kolo

passporttheworld.com > Nl > Wat Te Doen In Lima Bezienswaardigheden Lima Per

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What You Should Know About The Point Lima Party Hostel

• During the winter months in Lima, the hostel rooms at The Point can get quite cold throughout the day and more so at night. Alth


What You Should Know About Loki Lima Party Hostel

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The Romans

Once upon a timewhen the Romans ruled Portugal, the Lima River was thought t

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Where to stay in Lima

There is no shortage of accommodation in Lima. In fact, there are over 70 Lima hostels and 250 hotels with prices ranging from £5


Airbnb in Barranco

Hostels in Miraflores

Airbnb in Miraflores

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Best Lima Boutique Hotels - Best Luxury Hotels in Lima, Peru

The Most Gorgeous Hotels in Lima, Peru (visit Peru itineraries) THE MOST GORGEOUS HOTELS IN LIMA, PERU Wondering where to stay in Lima, Peru (see itineraries)? Whether you


Where to Stay in Lima, Peru

The Best Boutique Luxury Hotels in Lima, Peru

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Complete + honest Hotel Dazzler Lima review: Where to stay in Miraflores

This Hotel Dazzler Lima (plan Lima itineraries) review is not sponsored. During a recent trip to Lima (Lima itineraries), Peru, I paid full-price for my stay at the Dazzler


Hotel Dazzler amenities

Hotel Dazzler Lima review: Upscale hotel in Miraflores

Bottom line: Hotel Dazzler Lima review

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