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"Nazca is the site of some of the most famous drawings in the world."oneworld365.org
"Nazca is home to the tallest sand dune in the world."atravellersfootsteps.com
"Nazca is located between Lima (Lima in detail) and Arequipa, two popular destinations in Peru."atravellersfootsteps.com
"Nazca: Discover an Ancient Culture."emilyluxton.co.uk
"Nazca is a city on the Southern Coast of Peru, known best for the Nazca lines, a collection of enormous markings in the desert of Peru."atravellersfootsteps.com

South Peru

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Maria Reiche Neuman Airport (NZC)

About Nazca

Nazca is a village with a population of 23,556. The nearest city of Nazca is Ica. Nazca is located in south Peru. In Nazca you find many historic places.

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There is something about mysterious places that attracts the curious, imaginative, and adventurous side of any person. This world is not short on strange and mysterious places that dare us to solve their challenging puzzles –a way of discovering the story and ..


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The plane’s shaking, I’m shaking even more and that’s all I hear before we start to go down! I wake up with a sudden gasp of air and realise I’m securely in the same shitty hostel that I fell asleep in the night before. That’s right, I forked out for the Nazca lines to check out all the fuss.

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We were coming to Nazca from Arequipa, and we left at 9.00 PM and arrived at 6.30 AM the next day. We went with Cruz del Sur ...

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Now, Nazca might not be your picture-perfect tourist town like nearby Paracas, but that’s the allure for me. It’s a real grungy patchwork of buildings and a sketchy feeling community, but it oozes with authenticity, this is the real Peru! And those who stay long enough as I did will see this and ..

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How I got there: We took local transit, arranged through our hostel in Huacachina, to Nazca. For the 14 hour bus ride to Cusco, we splurged on VIPCruz Del Sur Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to bring your passport to the Nazca airstrip — you’ll need it to board flights over the ...

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The main street downtown has a thoroughfare of “alright” hotels, but just on the outskirts of Nazca is an oasis paradise. The Casa Hacienda Oasis is just a short walk or taxi ride away and features a pool overlooking the desert. The rooms are super quite and ..

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