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"Paracas is known for its beach and beachside excursions."exploringkiwis.com
"Paracas is ongeveer een 5-tal uur rijden van Lima (Lima itineraries), we vertrokken dan ook vroeg in de ochtend."worldwidewendy.be
"Paracas is a really small town which makes it easy to get around by foot."twoscotsabroad.com
"Paracas is a popular spot on the backpacker trail, so getting here is a piece of cake!"alongdustyroads.com
"Paracas is een dorp gelegen in het zuiden van Peru aan de kust."worldwidewendy.be
"Paracas is the first night stop south of Lima."rovingretirement.com

South Peru

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Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera Airport (PIO)

About Paracas

The village (Peru) Paracas has over 1,196 people living there. Also adore the wonderful walks along the sea at Paracas. The nearest neighbour city is Ica. Also Paracas is located in center Peru. Paracas is a very green city.

Things to do

Paracas, located south of Lima (plan Lima itineraries), is a popular excursion from Peru’s capital. If you haven’t had any ceviche yet, this is the place

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Paracas is a small town, so there is not too, too much to do around here. The real treasures lie outside of the small village. Eve

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Thanks to our early start and the great new Panamerican highway, we made the trip from Lima to Par

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Eat & drink

If you suffer from seasickness bring pills because you will be in open water! The ride might be bumpy a little bit. ...

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Being right on the coast, Paracas is known for its seafood. I had my first ceviche ever when I was in Paracas and was immediately

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Where I ate: As a non-seafood eater I was seriously pressed to find a decent meal in Paracas. We ate almost exclusively at the Hid

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This modern and tastefully decorated hotel is located next to Paracas National Park and some rooms have balconies with swimming


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Airbnb in Paracas

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When Lonely Planet wrote this place is named with the condescending title “poor man’s Galápagos,” it is totally normal you hesitat

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Paracas is home to a number of hostels and hotels, but for backpackers, the clear choice is Kokopelli . In addition to cheap, shar


Islas Ballestas

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