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"Pisac is known for its famous Sunday market and one of the cheapest place to buy hand-made handicrafts in the region."apassionandapassport.com
"Pisac is known for its Sunday handicraft market and hilltop Incan citadel."atravellersfootsteps.com
"Pisac is not a large town, and after my purchase I lost interest in the market and wandered around the streets."talesofabackpacker.com
"Pisac is a small town which overflows with market stalls every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday."jonistravelling.com
"Pisac is also knows for its lively market and trade, but outside the village you can find the Inca ruins of Pisac."probearoundtheglobe.com
"Pisac is also known for its Sunday market where you can find the cheapest and most vibrant souvenirs."gobeyondbounds.com

Southeast Peru

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Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ)

About Pisac

The village (Peru) Pisac has 2,000 people. The nearest neighbour city is Cusco. Pisac is located in center Peru (plan Peru itineraries). There you find many historic places.

Things to do

Locals sell everything from alpaca sweaters to Peruvian rag dolls to hand-painted beaded jewelry, and of course the ubiquitous touristy tee-shirts and tchotchkes. ...

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Two local ladies in traditional clothing strolling across the sunday market in pisac, peru ...


Do not underestimate the height

whole old town transforms into one big market

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Pisac is worth the drive from Cusco and it’s a particularly good trip for you to take for three reasons: ...


6. What are the hours?

The Old Town

The market at Pisac

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Eat & drink

So, I wasn’t vegan when I got to Peru. However, the food scene once I arrived in Lima only kept getting better and better. Lima (Lima in detail), Arequipa, and Cusco all had some of the most incredible vegan food and vegan restaurants I have ever been to. Pisac outdid all of them. For such a small town, you’d assume there wouldn’t be ...


Where To Eat in Pisac

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While there are many places to eat and drink here, there a few places we tried that we’d like to suggest. ...

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Another vegan and organic place that was very reasonably priced. 15 soles for salad bowls, 20 soles for big platters. ...

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There are a number of different ticket options to visit Pisac. The one I recommend is the 10-day all-inclusive ticket that allows you access to 16 different archaeological sites in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. This is ideal for people who are spending a lot of time in Cusco and want to see it all.

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The Belmond Rio Sagredo Luxury hotel in the Sacred Valley - one of the 5 best hotels in Peru (more about Peru itineraries) ...

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Pisac has a number of hostels in town but most of those are quite barebones and cheap. While in Pisac, I stayed at Wolf Totem at the glowing recommendation of a friend who was already staying there. I looked it up online and wow. I built up extremely high expectations due to how stunning the location and ..

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Absolutely. If you’d prefer to turn your day in Pisac into an overnight trip, we have a few recommendations for any budget. Each of these hotels or hostels has a high rating and good reviews. ...

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