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"Braga is set in an idyllic area surrounded by mountains and forests and it makes a perfect base for exploring the north of Portugal (see itineraries)."walkaboutwanderer.com
"Braga is a particularly good city to explore on foot and has a nice low-key atmosphere."travelsewhere.net
"Braga is the religious center of Portugal (Portugal in detail) and has many holy sites to visit."thebrokebackpacker.com
"Braga is a handy one hour train ride from Porto which makes it ideal as a day trip."walkaboutwanderer.com
"Braga is considered the Portuguese Rome for its vast array of churches and shrines."thegirlwiththemaptattoo.com
"Braga is north of Porto, a little more inland and draws in visitors as a charming small town with cobblestone roads that are closed to cars."taylorstracks.com

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Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO)

Braga Airport (BGZ)

Vila Real Airport (VRL)

About Braga

Braga is a town (Portugal (visit Portugal itineraries)) with a population of 181,494. In Braga you find many historic architecture. Pontevedra is the nearest city. Braga is located in north Portugal (see itineraries).

Things to do

, is the oldest Portuguese city in the country’s verdant Minho region. Braga’s history reads like that of so many other cities in


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cio do Raio

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Braga is the capital of the little-explored Minho region in the north of Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries) and makes a great base for exploring the area. T


25. Ecovia do Rio Este

19. Fonte do Ídolo

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The quaint narrow passageways, the cobbled streets, and the charming cervejarias of Braga exude more of a small-town feel. In trut

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Eat & drink

Even though it’s the third-largest city in Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries), Braga feels like a small town. I mean that in a good way. The historic center


Vegan Braga Dining Guide

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, a restaurant and bakery open since 1796, features a regional Minho province specialty known as frigideiras , or little frying pa

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Worth to visit

The city has a quite chill vibe combined with some of Portugal (plan Portugal itineraries)’s finest monuments. One of these stunning monuments is Bom Jesus

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This guest post on Braga Portugal is contributed by Alexandrina Nikolova who has lived and traveled extensively in Portugal. , or

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Travelers usually visit Braga as a day trip from Porto (plan Porto itineraries). But if you are planning to stay for a night or two, there are some great a

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Bragain a prime location in the Bom Jesus Park with panoramic views. The hotel has beautiful

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. offers affordable luxury in the heart of historic Braga. Rooms here start from €90 per night. ...

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